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Friday, May 6, 2011

Fox Tails: Chic or Tacky?

Fox tails are adventurous and risk taking but they definitely aren’t everyone’s style. As the controversial accessory gained popularity after Spring 2010’s Louis Vuitton showing and the colorful creatures are back in form of fur stoles at Prada SS11. What’s your take on these furry friends, Chic or Tacky?

On The Runway
We’ve seen fox tails on the runway since last Spring, when Marc Jacobs introduced afro-sporting model/nomad hybrids with bright, colorful fox tails on their Louis Vuitton slouchy bags. We loved the look and were inspired to try out the trend. This season, colorful fur is back in style at Prada SS11, with Dr. Seuss-ish fur stoles. While they technically aren’t fox tails, they can work in many similar ways. The idea of having an oversized fur tail for accessorizing seems fresh and statement making during Spring, especially on the windier, colder days of the season.

On The Street
Fox fur tails really give a bohemian feeling to an outfit. Obviously not everyone’s accessory, they allow the wearer to stand out in a crowd and are an eye catching statement.

Ways To Wear
The fox tail can be used to accessorize almost any type of outfit. Because of its texture, it really works well to add an added bit of shocking creativity to a simple or super-polished look. Of course, the versatility goes the other way as well, pairing nicely with equally messy-casual looks. Here’s some tips on how to use fox tails in your wardrobe:
- BOLD BRIGHTS! Brighter colors give furs a surrealistic edge, also fitting into one of Spring’s biggest trends; color blocking.
- MIX IT UP! Wear more than one in different sizes or colors to really give an outfit some texture. (Like Prada SS11’s fur stoles!)
- SIZE MATTERS! Depending on your style, a larger fur tail can be great for those who are bigger risk-takers with fashion forward outgoing style and a smaller mini tail is an understated way to get yourself comfortable with the trend.
- CLIP IT! Clipping on fox tails are probably obvious but probably the funnest way to change up a look.
→ Instead of scarves, clip on a fur tail to a bag.
→ If bag-d├ęcor isn’t your thing, try it on a belt (we suggest clipping it to the side).
→ We came up with this cool and unexpected use, try it as an accessory for your camera . As a Chictopian, you’ve probably got your bulky camera on you at all times to take pictures for blogging, so might as well jazz it up and add a furry tail.