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Friday, July 29, 2011

Garage Aug Anniv

see how fast time flies, they’re up for Piolo on their first Anniversary, followed by Diether and Now, it’s the GMA 7’s front man, Dingdong Dantes on the cover of the third Anniversary issue of GARAGE MAGAZINE.
This issue has 292 pages making it as their thickest issue ever. be on the look out for what’s hip and cool this fall season with the help of every guys style guide,”Garage Magazine”.

ENSEMBLE: The Style of Music

Music is a great influence for the most of us. It sets up our mood to which kind of style we portray. It gives us varieties to choose from and it makes us more versatile by getting along the flow of every beat that we hear.

Band Inspired: Fall Out Boy ♥

I so much love this band! They give me inspiration! I love the their composition of lyrics. Spontaneous and very fabricated. Rockin in moderate.
Please check out my look entitled: "Drop a Heart. Break a Name"

Sugar We’re Going Down

Finally! I already posted a look for this black skull vest that I already have ever since college! lol Well I just thought that it could be wore in the club or in an event. But it’s already been so long since my feet stepped on the club. lol Since I’m soooo busy now.

 Ok what could be flattering pairing with vest like this? Of course not with polos! Some wears it with v-neck. Well yeah could be. But It suits better with buffy guys in my opinion. But one thing is sure. To make it stand-out, wear it off sleeves or don’t wear it at all! lol


I’m sparing vest that goes formal. Style rule for this is also applicable to denim vest, because both can stand alone without looking tacky.

 Black Parade Vest, thrifted Zara | Studded belt thrifted

Left hand: Chain with black suade, Folded and Hung | meteor ring, thrifted | stud ring, Human
Right hand: gloves, D.I.Y. | Studded suades, thrifted @168
Gold skull mirror thrifted @168

Hype this look here

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Jelly Bean's: Lauren Young

Photo inspiration: I love the editing on these photos
Style-rific: Sophisti-cute type

Ugh! Makes me wanna save for Prime lens!
I just love the blurring effect here.

Follow her:

Model Feature: Hideo Muraoka

Hideo Muraoka, born in 1987, in Sao Paolo, Brazil, is a Brazilian-Japanese model.
A Brapanese (Brazilian-Japanese) model initially based in Thailand and now in the Philippines, he graces several covers and editorials of magazines in the country such as Garage Magazine, Metro Magazine, Mens Health Magazine and more.
Muraoka’s rise to the top when he became a cover boy and the face of Folded and Hung in year 2009.
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SOLE SURVIVOR by Jacqui Halili Co-Salonga

It's good to be Kermit Tesoro. Known for his extreme and unconvential aesthetic toward his fashion and footwear line, the designer can now add online retailer to his growing resume. After only four days of selling his fierce footwear on his website, Kermit's shoes are not just walking toward numerous fashionphiles who are screaming to nab a pair, they're actually running and running out fast.
Gone and Gone. The Jigsaw (left) and Heelless Extreme (right) were one of the fast moving pieces and are now sold out (Photo courtesy of
Self-confessed Tesoro cheerleader and business partner, Divine Lee, has told that two designs have already sold out. Religiously tweeting updates on how items have been well received for the past few days, it only solidifies the huge demand for the shoes that have been described as 'out of this world." Previously accepting made-to-order requests prior to launching his E-store, Divine also excitedly shares that they have received a big order from a US based online store, as for who or what it is, they are not ready to divulge just yet, saying, "We'll definitely let you guys know once they've received the order! Haha!"
Well Heeled. The Skull Bootie US$600 (left) is one of the bestselling designs found online, followed by the Cardio pump US$550 (right) (Photo courtesy of
Having recently been part of the Lady Gaga x Gilt Groupe flash sale a few weeks ago, the young designer is definitely reaching an audience that moves beyond the country's shoreline. The future of Tesoro is looking bright, and the world seems to agree, which goes to show that the decision to make his pieces available on the web has already proven to be a smart venture for the ingenue, who debuted his first Philippine Fashion Week collection only two years ago. 
Super Shoes. These Limited Edition Pisa Booties in brocade fabric US$350 (left) and in plain black fabric US$300 (right), inspired by the Italian landmark, will only have 50 pieces available for purchase (Photo courtesy of
With the rising number of orders from local and international clients, congratulations are definitely in order for Kermit Tesoro, proving that he, as well as his designs, are one of the hottest commodities of Philippine fashion today.

For more information and to shop online, click here to check out Kermit Tesoro's website.

Friday, July 15, 2011

LB fan says...


i am Jess and i’m studying fashion design in nyc.

i’ve come across many fashion sites looking for design inspiration and i really like your look! You’re inspiring me a lot! :)

But the thing is i am not very confident to show off my personal style since i am not a good model!

could you please give me some feedback? i just started to use another site as well since i don’t need to upload photos of myself.. this makes me feel more comfortable..

i made this composition for the theme of “first date in summer”. it sounds funny but it is actually my school project! :)

thanks, please give me any advice! thanks for imparting your fashion wisdom!!

~Elaine Daniels (

Ok you know I got the part where ur not comfy of modelling ur own style. But it’s your designs so who else would be proud of it if you won’t? You should be showing off you talent like here inLookbook. I am skinny and not perfect flawless as others. I have insecurities (a lot) but I still pursue what I love and that is styling myself and making picture perfect WHICH I get a lot of good compliments and builds my self confidence. I suggest you should be starting building ur own too.

Ok going to the site given. I’m quite confuse if those products yours. Cos it’s all gorgeous. You know I’ve been thinking many concepts for pictorials with those products ans styling them. You should be confident enough to your own talent. Here in Lookbook I dont care if someone hates me and my looks. Thats just about it. Cos I dont give a damn about their’s too. That is why we have what we called “profile”, its our own page and its our world. haters gon hate and love those who do love us. :)

Ok did I just helped you now? Or is there anything I can advice for? Thanks much for appreciating and considering me as “expert”. Hopefully there’ll be someone who’ll ask your opinion too. Aim high! ;)
~The Little Prince

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Drop a Heart. Break a name.

Inspiration: Sugar we’re going down by the Fallout Boy

One rainy day I was listening to one of the songs of Fallout Boy then come up with this rock star look. I really love them and they are really changing up my mood in a snap. Well it’s one of my “tough enough” side of me. They say “go for the extremes” bec there are just two sides of it. Clattered if u want to pile it all, and Minimalist for plain and simple. Here accessories are all piled up on me as if I just celebrated a day of style. That’s the mood where I go for wild style day. hehe

I was so fucked up with the weather because I missed the weekend for shooting this look because of the rain. Still a bit rainy thursday plus the bed body because of stress it was a success photoshoot with my fab sister. Always for LB! Rain or shine! haha!
Photo editing inspired by Italian Vogue: foggy, 80’s rock and sexy edition.

To hype this look click here


Picture Perfect


Inspiration: Rad Hourani meets Japanese street fashion/K-pops 

Moving forward with style. I’m highly influenced by K-pops, harajukus and Japanese high street fashion. Innovative, artisitic and postmodernist. Very cute rockish style embeds this style more like band member of a J or K-pop. Well they’re cute even with their rockstar looks hehe. Probably because of the hair. Ugh just love them.

 In Europe we have Rad Hourani who’s one of my inspiration with my asymmetrical tastes. He’s so brilliant about monochromatic and asymmetrical dress that gives edge on the catwalk. I love Rad’s collection because it really sparks the tough side of me. To be different is to know how to layer your clothes and to be brave of cuts and innovative concepts.

Specs never fails to carry one’s simplest style, accessories such as metalsare for highlights/illusions. I wanna front my boots to give the idea that its one of the guys’ bestfriends when it comes to fashion. So invest on a good pair! Well I should say beauty is pain and these boots are too for a walkaton. lol. It is fashion! This look is one of my stylish. More like stumping to the beat of whatever there is. lol ♥

I’m wearing: Specs (Mint), Dyno printed tees (Cake on street made in Thailand), Black short shorts (thrifted from 168), Leather jacket(SM Dept), Black/silver/gold dogtags (Folded&Hung), Metal braced black suede(Folded&Hung), Connector ring(Muradito), Elephant & Owl gold rings (thrifted), Military green suede(Artwork), Boots (Red Skin)

Beauty Shots

Beauty shot
shot by my sis (good job sis! ;D) and editing by yours truly!