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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Drop a Heart. Break a name.

Inspiration: Sugar we’re going down by the Fallout Boy

One rainy day I was listening to one of the songs of Fallout Boy then come up with this rock star look. I really love them and they are really changing up my mood in a snap. Well it’s one of my “tough enough” side of me. They say “go for the extremes” bec there are just two sides of it. Clattered if u want to pile it all, and Minimalist for plain and simple. Here accessories are all piled up on me as if I just celebrated a day of style. That’s the mood where I go for wild style day. hehe

I was so fucked up with the weather because I missed the weekend for shooting this look because of the rain. Still a bit rainy thursday plus the bed body because of stress it was a success photoshoot with my fab sister. Always for LB! Rain or shine! haha!
Photo editing inspired by Italian Vogue: foggy, 80’s rock and sexy edition.

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