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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mango: Fall/Winter 2011 Fashion Show

Too bad for me I have work on this day :'( Anyways because I love ya'll, I'm sharing the event infos to you guys!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Specs Appeal

Specs Appeal Simple and relax look. This shirt is one of my fave ones to wear. Actually the size of this is really for kids. lol I just saw it on display in kids department and I immediately asked the salesman if I could try the shirt. lol (shameless) Well I love grey ya’ll! And it fit perfectly lol I just feel so cute wearing this. Feels like a kid again. I find kids in japan so cute! (^ω^) I have a leather backpack from Japan but sadly it’s already broke and ripped. :(

Going back, I thought I feel like I have uber long skinny legs and not as flawless and fair as others’, I just feel like I dont need to care about it. Because I style for myself and not for others or even to impress people.

I prefer being cute than aiming to be “handsome” (wtf came from?) lol (>ω<) Seriously, IDK. Probably it suits more with my body type. hehe. I’m fitting myself where I know I can adapt more. Like wearing possible kids’ stuffs. hehe btw I wanna start D.Y.I.-ing toys as accessories too.I find it cute and really interesting. It challenges my creativity and I can also practicing recycling old stuffs. (^ω^)v

The editing on this one is very much inspired by korean photos and teen magazine editorials. Well most of it are very sharp and vibrant. It resembles being fun, young and very playful vibe. I dont know if it works for me lol But I find it really cute with the outcome. It’s when I play around with photoshop and ending up with nice set.

I think I just need to share what I just realized about style and fashion. Sometimes I play very simple. Well that includes lazy days but sometimes I just rely more on my skin than wearing extravagant outfits. I realized how “self-confidence” takes place on our own auras that shows to others that we look good in a certain shirt/dress even if it’s so simple. And like this look I posted this because I wanna share that simplicity is beauty. And my interpretation to that is about feeling yourself or showing it good even not by wearing expensive outfits. That’s one of the reasons why I invest more on taking care of myself especially my skin because its our natural cover that mostly show.

I actually found this peg from a clothing site then I knew that my top really suits something dark.

So get up and wear relaxed outfits and walk with confidence. Because I  bet there’s more from less. ;)

What I’m wearing: Grey hooded shirt, SM Dept | Black shorts, somewhere in 168 | Black plimsolls, SM Dept.
Hype this look here

My New Baby hihi

Aaahh!!! Finally I just bought the other color of this boots Red Skin. I realized that I must give myself a reward after a good attendance at work. hehe! And besides I’m already a bit sick with my dark one.
I just found out that the brand is specifically being sold only in Tutuban Mall near our place. Oh I’m so lucky! So my mom just went “Oh! New boots again???” While I defended my self with: “Different color! Why not!?” lol! The aftermath was: “Nice I love the color”. lol
So I just can imagine different looks with these babies! 

Fashion Rev Manila: A Fashion & Lifestyle Bazaar!

Where : The MEGATENT Meralco Avenue, Ortigas City
When : October 1-2, 2011 (Saturday & Sunday)
Time : 10am – 10pm
For booth inquiries and rates please get in touch with us:
For Concessionaires / Booth Inquiries: Ms. Socs Deterala
Mobile : 0917 528 0322
Landline : 882 28 29 (look for Socs or Malu)
E-mail :
For Sponsorship Inquiries / and others: Ms. Jane Lacap
Mobile : 0917 537 5263
Landline : 975 83 79
E-mail :
Catch the early bird discount!!! Early Bird pricing wraps up on July 30, 2011 (Saturday).
Shop or be shopped at as we are staging a two-day bazaar entitled FASHION REV: A FASHION & LIFESTYLE BAZAAR at The MEGATENT in MERALCO AVENUE, ORTIGAS CENTER on October 1 & 2 (Saturday & Sunday) from 10am – 10pm.
For more infos about the event read here

Kawaii babies*>ω<

~I found these babies in sooooo cute and so inspiring! Such adorable babies I wish I styled them  myself! hihi m>ω<m

Monday, August 8, 2011

Nichkhun Horvejkul

Nichkhun Horvejkul, despite being in a Korean idol band, he is pure Thai.
I just found out about him after asking tumblr peeps what's his name. He stole my haircut and it's now exactly as mine! lol (Who copied who? lol)

Glam Camp Event

Glam Camp Event | Aug 6 – 7 2011
What an experience coming to Glam Camp held at The Tent Alphaland Mall by fashion bloggers, designers and fabulous sponsors. The event gave Belle and I a chance to check out really cool finds (where I only got to see there!) and meet & greet other fashion bloggers too!
We got some stuffs from the event and a lot of pictures special thanks to etc, diva, 2nd avenue and to some other brands..
Thank you so much  Close-Up  for the Close-up Fire-freeze package cos’ I won and my name was called in front. Yey! I got 1 month supply! (exposure lol check-out my face in etc and 2nd avenue if will be shown lol).
You guys should try Close-up Fire-Freeze because it is intense with excitement in the mouth! You can really feel the warm and cool sensation mixing around that makes my tongue run around my teeth. It really that last long that feels fresh with confidence!
With new found blogger friend Denise and her friend Aubrey my friend recognized her style as a blogger too that’s why we took pictures and got their blog sites.   
With Denise
With Denise and Belle
With pretty famous fashion bloggers Danah and Stacy
With pretty fashion bloggers Danah. Just love her new hair! 
With Ms. Lissa Kahayon in her boutique Scene Stealer. My friend won a goodie bag with lots of stuffs courtesy by Ms. Lissa’s contest.
Belle and Ms. Lissa
Boutique to check out for:

Thank you Bric Creation for the earrings which I gave to my sister! They have a lot of chic custom-made accessories from beads, hats to scarves. You can visit their online shop here