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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Out of the Blue

This is one of my most comfy outfits whenever I couldn’t think of a look coming to work. It really connects the title for this “Out of the Blue”, because I threw off comfy lazy pieces one day and just accessorized BAM! Everything looks good together FRESH!
The shirt is cheap, comfy cotton, and my washed-out jeans are just too light complimenting the hot weather here in the Philippines. I noticed that most of my clothes are very light and summer-ish. Probably because I’m really attracted to bright fabrics that allows glow in the skin. Like here I feel so fresh about this shirt. That even if on a bad day or a hot afternoon I can up lift myself.
My comfy state means wearing light and well fitting clothes. It allows me to feel “light”. It cuts off and adds height with skin tight pants. And wearing it is an automatic confidence booster.

I’ve read an article on the net about scarves and here goes what Anne Harding said:
“The fashion world has allowed men today to dress without regulation, with men’s scarves being the perfect partner to add vibrance and verve to any wardrobe,” says Anne Harding, founder and director of The Stanley Lewis Collection, a men’s accessory brand. And in fact there are already numbers of celebrities enhanced by those vibrance and verve such as Brad Pitt, Jay-Z, Kanye, Johnny Depp and David Beckham, all of whom regularly sport scarves.
There are a lot of types of scarves there and this one out is both practical and stylish perfect even during the hot weather. I bought this to SM Dep’t. I think it’s overwhelming with the plain blue shirt. Just enough and both complimenting. The scarf is very versatile. It can warm me as a cover up shawl and it can be accentuated as accessory. You just ave to know how to wear it in the most flattering way that will suit your style.

“There are no hard and fast rules and regulations — it is what suits you. The key to success in wearing a scarf is confidence.” says Anne Harding

What I’m wearing: Aviator, ICON eyewear | Scarf, SM Dept | V-neck, thrifted | Washed-out jeans, Black Jack | Horizon blue flats, SM Dept

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Review: What Does Salicylic Acid Do for Acne?

I'm an acne prone guy so and I admit that even before I used to have a lot of pimples that caused me to seek my dermatologist. I was afraid to try it at first like everyone else who are new to derma treatments. I just sucked it up for the sake of beauty cos I needed to. I spent a lot should I say but it was all worth it. Now I still use my not all but some of my derma products because it's really very effective.

One of my favorite secret creams is my SA Cream or the Salicylic Acid cream which really works if not overnight, an acne won't last for too long with this unlike any other generic brands. It keeps my skin glow and feel so flawless. My dermatologist now suggested that I should use it not only during the night but even before putting anything on my face of course to prevent dirt and acne. 

Unlike any primer or moisturizers the good thing about it is that aside from the pinkish white glow that other generic brands claim, but it suits as well your skin with the menthol feeling at the same time it cures and prevents pimples from occurring.

To further know here are some facts about Salicylic Acid courtesy of

What Does Salicylic Acid Do for Acne?
Salicylic acid is a common ingredient in over-the-counter acne medications. It works by promoting the shedding of dead skin cells that would otherwise block pores and cause pimples. It's extremely effective, but may have unintended side effects for people with sensitive skin. It can over-dry the skin and cause mild redness and irritation.

How it Works
Salicylic acid is a mild acid that works by encouraging the sloughing of dead skin cells. The skin is constantly renewing itself by producing new skin cells and shedding the old, dead ones. Acne is caused by overactive sebaceous glands producing excess sebum. Sebum and dead skin cells clog the pores and create blackheads. Salicylic acid helps keep the pores clear. It also reduces swelling and inflammation of the skin, thereby improving its appearance.


Salicylic acid is found in many over-the-counter acne treatments, from face washes to lotions, creams and medicated pads. You can even buy makeup that contains salicylic acid. The concentration varies from 0.5 percent to 2 percent. Any more than that, and the skin would dry out too much. People with sensitive skin should stick to products with lower concentrations of salicylic acid.


Salicylic acid is extremely effective at treating and preventing acne. It must be used continuously, even after the skin has cleared. As soon as you stop using it, the symptoms will most likely come back. It is a treatment, not a cure for acne.

Side Effects

The side effects of salicylic acid are usually mild. They include dryness, redness and irritation. You can prevent them by switching to a product with a lower concentration of salicylic acid or by using a moisturizing lotion. You can buy moisturizers that already contain salicylic acid, especially designed not to over-dry the skin.


Like all mediation, salicylic acid may interact negatively with other products. Be sure to follow the instructions on the packaging. Don't use several different acne medications at once without first consulting with a doctor. Salicylic acid may make your skin extra sensitive to the sun and to makeup and facial treatments. If you experience severe side effects, discontinue the use of the salicylic acid product and see a doctor.

*Thinking about throwing up your old skin care? Don't rush. You should ask your dermatologist first before trying this. We all don't have the same skin types. And it includes the effectiveness of it to your skin type. With the all the precautions and side effects it must be all considered carefully during the observation. You will know if it'll work for your skin type too! ;D

How to Deal With a Break Up

Breaking up with the person you love or the mere fact of ending a wanted relationship is probably one of the most difficult things to do but we have to admit, moving on is more of a task.
Most people usually dwell on the fact that their relationship ended rather than dealing with the situation and having some positive mojo.
Here are the 10 ways on how to cope up with a break up or how to move on from an ended relationship.
  1. Forget about revenge - Don’t mind your ex-partner and just focus on yourself even just for a while. Revenge won’t help you move on. It will just make things worse for the both of you.
  2. Reward yourself - Treat yourself to a movie or to a mug of one hot Starbucks. Most importantly, pamper yourself. You need to do a “myself work” in order for you to have positive energies flowing.
  3. Find a new hobby - Search for a new hobby or a new interest so that your attention will be diverted to something else. This will help you focus on a different thing and not about the break up.
  4. Connect with other people - Go out with your friends or spend some time with your family. It always matters to remember what matters the most, which is both family and friends. They always got your back through thick and thin.
  5. Acceptance - Accept the fact that it is over. You have to face reality with courage.
  6. Give yourself time - Allow yourself to heal even if it takes you so long. It is important that you will let all of the wounds heal before having another battle or being committed to another person. Time is the name of the game.
  7. Disconnect - Disconnect with your partner to the extremes. Communication with an ex-partner won’t provide you enough space to heal.
  8. Music helps - Listen to music that doesn’t help you remember your previous relationship. Music should help you move on and not dwell on the fact that you’re hurt and everything is over.
  9. Move on - Surround yourself with people who respect your feelings as much as they respect you as a person. You have to look forward since it what matters the most.
  10. Be happy - Let yourself get more out of life. Enjoy and gain some positive mojo. Channel your energies to something that makes you happy and what makes everything worthwhile.


Banchetto x Harbor Square

It was one friday night me and my girlfriends went to distress and decided to try Banchetto (a food convention in Ortigas). There were a lot of people and so everyone was so stressed out and like dying to have their own food! lol It was one hell of an experience with all the smoke coming from the grills, stiffed crowd, loads of laughs and deals going on. Getting thru the crowd was like going to a sauna! So I was all messed up of course. hehehe!

See how bad they take my picture? lols Sorry guys! Pls spare my nose here.

And how nice I take there picture! Ugh! Bitches lols

They almost died for these dogs! lol

After Banchetto since me and my gfs still didn’t wanna go home that night, we decided to spend the night in Harbor Square (near the bay). We shared banana split in Iceberg while trippin’ around with the few people, cam whoring, fixing ourselves, and lots of conversations…

See how they talk behind my back? ugh! lols


Our pay! WTF! XD

My most disgusting bag! It’s because of the butter that spilled inside my bag when we went to Banchetto!

With Maggie

Face dance! lol

With Sha

Expresso that kept me awake 24/7!

Despite the not so good experience that happened in Banchetto. I felt great going home. After a stressful week it’s as if I got back on track and gained all of my energy back. Dwelling with too much stress is really bad for me both mentally and physically. I realized that it’s not selfish when you choose to give yourself something that you think you deserve. In my mind, there must be more like this in the next coming weeks!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Swagger Jagger (And it goes like this...)

I think the best song that goes to this look is Move Like A Jagger by Maroon5. I know it's a bit late to cater the song for this but it just kept on runnin' my mind during the shoot. And I felt so funky about swinging around posing'. lol I just love the beat that it excites me, and it really boost my sense of style. As an artist we come to work with no uniforms. So I have to maximize clothes that I have, and style it. Til' I get surprised with the outcome.

Growing up, I found myself in fitted shirts because I define loose shirts to be a bit rugged. I feel like dirty and rugged looking whenever I wear something loose. That's why I make sure to have it balanced by wearing skimpy pants. Or else, I'll end up looking messed up. I realized that recently, that I fold the sleeves of most of my shirts. It's a bit alarming to realized because it affects my self-esteem. Gaaahhh!!! I need to gain more weight! I have no options but to make myself look presentable at least in styling myself. And I guess be positive about it. Looking at the brighter side of having this kind of body type.

Whenever I see Nicole Richie and The Olsen sisters, I get a bit inspired. Especially Nicole Richie. She had been thru many issues about being anorexic or drug addicted. But She withstand any of those issues and she didn't let herself to look affected. I must say without being said they project that fashion becomes more fab when you're waistline doesn't come across the 30's. It is their bony arms, ass, rib showing and twigged legs. It is when they don't care how draping their shirts are and how skinny they wear jeans. It is the "I don't give a damn" attitude.

It's one of those days I feel like rebelling around at work because I'm soo lazy. I make up for the rugged looks I wear. If only I could wear all of my accessories I would. lol. I really love my accessories, like it makes me feel like I'm still dressed up. I swag everyday like I have no choice lol.

What I'm wearing: Aviator, FLY eyewear | Orange shirt, ARTWORK | Chokers, Folded and Hung | Brown skinny, Paporma | High tops, Mogao | Suede bracelets, sponsored by Simone's Closet | Elephant, Owl and Feather gold rings, all thrifted
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Saturday, November 19, 2011

PRADA kids

OMG these kids are worth blogging for!

Home Run

I’m really not the sporty type but the necklace that I’m actually wearing here is a D.I.Y. made from key chain. There was light bulb on my head, that I could incorporate all of the pieces I haven’t yet been wearing. You know guys obviously that I’m pretty inspired by these Kpop thingy and so it goes with the outcome of this look that shows Kpop inspired outfit. :)
I used to received clothes from Japan because I have my cousins there. So as I started loving products made there. I got this Mizuno shirt from my cousin at the same age, but he’s bigger than me. lol Good thing my body type didn’t change a too much since I was a kid. That’s why I customize my clothes and make it work for me until now. And so as this shirt. :)
Ahh yes! The cap I bought during College! I miss Letran! I’m a true blood Letranite btw. :) Why Home Run? It’s one of the reason why I wore my Letran cap. Because I want to pay tribute and be proud where I had my full time opportunity of education and lots of happiness during College. It is as well showing how creative I am with dressing. To our simple uniform, which I personalized during those times reflect my personality of a true style savvy. So it goes everything about how I use things I know I can still wear. :)
What I’m wearing: College cap, Letran | Specs, Mint | D.I.Y. baseball equipments, SM Dep’t | Baseball sweat shirt., Mizuno | Skin tight jeans, Top and Bottom | Plimsolls, SM Dep’t
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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

PFW S/S 2012

Philippine Fashion Week 2012 is a part of the year where fashionistas can't afford to missed. This one time gathering of style savvies in the fashion industry primarily promoting local designers is one part that one fashionista needs to experience. It's knowing more the industry and how creative Filipinos are. It's my way of giving time to my fashion side beyond my work as a Graphic Artist.
I made sure to attend of the days of the PFW. This was the 25th of Octoberspecial thanks to Lex Librea for the tickets, though it was just me and my sisterKiana we still pursued the runway! Awesome designers were: Derick Hibaler . Melchor Guinto . Russell Villafuerte . Ulysses King . Veejay Floresca. Btw I'm sorry if I only got to post this now because of my busy life as an artist. hehe. I wish I could manage my time for both. But I'm making it up for you guys who still continue to seek updates from me! Yey! Thanks much! Here is it. Some shots taken from the event.. (I didn't have time to edit these sorry hehehe!) Cheers!
Icons Daryl and Andre Chang!
Finally met my quirky fashion icon Andre Changhehe love him so much! So nice and approachable!
With fellow Lookbooker Mark Buenaobra looking cute with his blazers and shorty shorts. He's tip toeing btw hehe!
With supermodel Pauline Prieto. Ooh she's so tall! She liked my shirt btw hehe nice!
My sister Kiana and Pauline. My sister told me she needs more height standing 5'7 looking at Pauline. lol
Yes Imma proud kuya! lol
She's so into this Divine Lee pose lol
And that bareback is a bomb! My sister! lols

What I'm wearing: Velvet sweater, Seberg Produced by Seibli from Japan | Faded jeans, Aeropostole | Boots, Red Skin

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