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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Out of the Blue

This is one of my most comfy outfits whenever I couldn’t think of a look coming to work. It really connects the title for this “Out of the Blue”, because I threw off comfy lazy pieces one day and just accessorized BAM! Everything looks good together FRESH!
The shirt is cheap, comfy cotton, and my washed-out jeans are just too light complimenting the hot weather here in the Philippines. I noticed that most of my clothes are very light and summer-ish. Probably because I’m really attracted to bright fabrics that allows glow in the skin. Like here I feel so fresh about this shirt. That even if on a bad day or a hot afternoon I can up lift myself.
My comfy state means wearing light and well fitting clothes. It allows me to feel “light”. It cuts off and adds height with skin tight pants. And wearing it is an automatic confidence booster.

I’ve read an article on the net about scarves and here goes what Anne Harding said:
“The fashion world has allowed men today to dress without regulation, with men’s scarves being the perfect partner to add vibrance and verve to any wardrobe,” says Anne Harding, founder and director of The Stanley Lewis Collection, a men’s accessory brand. And in fact there are already numbers of celebrities enhanced by those vibrance and verve such as Brad Pitt, Jay-Z, Kanye, Johnny Depp and David Beckham, all of whom regularly sport scarves.
There are a lot of types of scarves there and this one out is both practical and stylish perfect even during the hot weather. I bought this to SM Dep’t. I think it’s overwhelming with the plain blue shirt. Just enough and both complimenting. The scarf is very versatile. It can warm me as a cover up shawl and it can be accentuated as accessory. You just ave to know how to wear it in the most flattering way that will suit your style.

“There are no hard and fast rules and regulations — it is what suits you. The key to success in wearing a scarf is confidence.” says Anne Harding

What I’m wearing: Aviator, ICON eyewear | Scarf, SM Dept | V-neck, thrifted | Washed-out jeans, Black Jack | Horizon blue flats, SM Dept

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