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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Home Run

I’m really not the sporty type but the necklace that I’m actually wearing here is a D.I.Y. made from key chain. There was light bulb on my head, that I could incorporate all of the pieces I haven’t yet been wearing. You know guys obviously that I’m pretty inspired by these Kpop thingy and so it goes with the outcome of this look that shows Kpop inspired outfit. :)
I used to received clothes from Japan because I have my cousins there. So as I started loving products made there. I got this Mizuno shirt from my cousin at the same age, but he’s bigger than me. lol Good thing my body type didn’t change a too much since I was a kid. That’s why I customize my clothes and make it work for me until now. And so as this shirt. :)
Ahh yes! The cap I bought during College! I miss Letran! I’m a true blood Letranite btw. :) Why Home Run? It’s one of the reason why I wore my Letran cap. Because I want to pay tribute and be proud where I had my full time opportunity of education and lots of happiness during College. It is as well showing how creative I am with dressing. To our simple uniform, which I personalized during those times reflect my personality of a true style savvy. So it goes everything about how I use things I know I can still wear. :)
What I’m wearing: College cap, Letran | Specs, Mint | D.I.Y. baseball equipments, SM Dep’t | Baseball sweat shirt., Mizuno | Skin tight jeans, Top and Bottom | Plimsolls, SM Dep’t
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