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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Banchetto x Harbor Square

It was one friday night me and my girlfriends went to distress and decided to try Banchetto (a food convention in Ortigas). There were a lot of people and so everyone was so stressed out and like dying to have their own food! lol It was one hell of an experience with all the smoke coming from the grills, stiffed crowd, loads of laughs and deals going on. Getting thru the crowd was like going to a sauna! So I was all messed up of course. hehehe!

See how bad they take my picture? lols Sorry guys! Pls spare my nose here.

And how nice I take there picture! Ugh! Bitches lols

They almost died for these dogs! lol

After Banchetto since me and my gfs still didn’t wanna go home that night, we decided to spend the night in Harbor Square (near the bay). We shared banana split in Iceberg while trippin’ around with the few people, cam whoring, fixing ourselves, and lots of conversations…

See how they talk behind my back? ugh! lols


Our pay! WTF! XD

My most disgusting bag! It’s because of the butter that spilled inside my bag when we went to Banchetto!

With Maggie

Face dance! lol

With Sha

Expresso that kept me awake 24/7!

Despite the not so good experience that happened in Banchetto. I felt great going home. After a stressful week it’s as if I got back on track and gained all of my energy back. Dwelling with too much stress is really bad for me both mentally and physically. I realized that it’s not selfish when you choose to give yourself something that you think you deserve. In my mind, there must be more like this in the next coming weeks!


  • November 28, 2011 at 12:58 AM
    Maggie says:

    more happy happy moments!
    even just the three of us we ruled XD

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