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Monday, July 30, 2012

Sweet Disposition

This is one of my fave photo set I did for my sister. We all do have good finds at our parents closet. And what me and my sister found were tons of vintage pieces that we styled! So I prompted a shoot with her look as if she's lost in the forest finding her soul and own identity. One thing failed here though, is at the first set of her photos we forgot her belt. lol. That's why some shots doesn't have her black belt. lol. But I think it went great with the vintage effect I found on the net and even blogged about it here 

Photo by yours truly

I hope you guys like this set too! I'm still encouraging her on her looks though. lol. And squeezing in her schedule for my weekly lookbook session. hihi. With that being said, this blog is to introduce ya'll my sister as also my good photographer. As far as I don't wanna praise her but I think she got it all (shutting my mouth as agreement when she claims to have "Brain & Beauty"). You wouldn't wanna see my face when she utters that. Ugh. HAHA! She's one of one of my models that I often use as a subject. haha. Ok I don't wanna prolong praising her. haha. Anyway please do hype her look here!


Sunday, July 29, 2012


It was raining so hard but I was so lucky to have a quick shoot for my weekly look photos. I was so bored at home since I couldn't go out and do anything because my network was such a failure accessing my social networking sites. My saturday was filled up with a lot of vanity activities at home as I worked out (catching up at least a day in a week of toning), hair treatment bought by my mom to smoothen my blonde hair, and styling my new bought shirts. hihi. I can say that I'm kinda living a more healthy life now because I'm focusing on gaining weight. So I started drinking soya at least one glass a day and along with it are exercises every week.  I believe in the power of soya since research shows that it's one good source of protein. :D 

On the other hand, instead of using a lot of whitening products, I've been thinking if I can drink pills again to make my skin fairer and to fight pimples. It wis like a pill a day over those products I apply on my skin. LOL XD But the risk is at my liver though. Hhmm.. haha! I don't know guys, but most of you thinks that I'm too fair already. Hello lighting and photoshop?! You guys have to realize how high definition cameras can improve your skin along with enough lighting and a bit of photo retouches. I swear I'm not Korean fair! <there goes my claim!>

Btw this is what I wore last PFW but I wasn't able to get a decent look photos because it was all crazy in the crowd then. XD
I'm pimpin' out an old shirt which I bought way back during college.
Gladly I bought a vest (from my local thrift shop) to put some volume and interest. 
My inspiration with this is Ziggy's style. It's like a mixture of sleek and formal fabrics with sporty pieces such as my high tops. 
I agreed up on Ziggy's interest because it looks so contemporary, pizazz but still chic as a whole. More like oxymoron of textures. :)
Being detailed from head to toe
What I'm wearing: Vest, thrifted | White shirt, ARTWORK | D.I.Y. bow necklace |
Custom made pants | Bag, Salvatore Mann | Belt, thrifted @168 | Bracelets & ring, F&H | Socks, thrifted Tommy Hilfiger |
High tops, Travis JAPAN |
My sister is really good at taking my look photos and she's just 17! Beat that! HAHA!
I'm enjoying my new playground in UST, feels like University campus in U.S.!
I don't need to go for other Universities for my location having it so near to my place. hihi.
Hype this look here

Hopefully next weekend the storm is gone but won't be so hot because Maggie is asking if I could accompany them with their shoot in MOA. Along with Sharmaine and Bel. haha So I said I will just come as long as anyone of them will take my look photo! LOL. Conditions! Conditions! XDDD OMG I need to save up for our Boracay trip ya'll! O.O huhu. It kinda feels like during College having small amount of allowance. Tsk. Just so you know I'm sending my sister to College now. O.O  But still I'm glad to survive every week of my social life! lol

KKK.. I hope you guys keep it up on my blog! Til next look guys! <3


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sex And The City

So I'm pretty sure I got your attention with my title huh? lol Well, I'm not fully pertaining to the movie of Sarah Jessica Parker. But partly how it went last wednesday night. Surprisingly, my friend Maggie ecstatically wanted to go out since it was my payday AND because she said she can't go out this coming Saturday. So wth right? lol I have a project until now that the f*cking client still haven't decide which one to choose over 4 different freakin' options we made the day before this. Just so crazy day for me. 

The clock stroke at 6:30pm as the AE and me waited for client's response if we'll going to out the project. Still it took as a cue to smile and be headed with my b friends. lol. Btw we actually fought in a "friendly" way where to see each other. And so everything was pursued.  I was rushing like a ninja under my smooth leatherette jacket. And I arrived 8 something because I went thru  hell riding the MRT-LRT route. (Hate it forever!) I was so bothered that I won't catch anything to buy for myself especially shirts which I need for work. (Because I was running out of tops to wear X( ) Plus Mcdonalds there weren't that good with their service. I had to leave them first to roam around Robinsons. I went back with 3 shirts from Mint. And rushed my meal hoping that my friends might catch any open store but fail. 

Everything was so fast that moment that we can't even decide whether to stay and where. Gladly with a discovered sweet environment of Cafe Breton. We calmed ourselves safe from the streets of Malate. 

Black Forest
White Forest
Strawberry and cream

Please spare the low resolution photos for the sake of sharing at least something for you guys. haha! I had no choice but to use my cam-phone and enjoy the moment talking to them all night long without worrying what time will I reach work tomorrow and how much have I spent that night. It all went on spontaneously with not to mention soooo funny discoveries. lol. I was so satisfied with that and actually felt alive again after days of having a snotty face with everyone here at work because of stress. haha! I just don't know what will happen to me this coming weekend plus the coming days before our company outing in Boracay. Thinking of it turns me black & blue because of the pocket money that I need to save just to fully enjoy those 3 awesome days and 2 nights off the city. So help me God!


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mr. Daydreamer

Hi guys I'm back! Did you miss me? lol I feel so sick that I don't have anything to upload for my LB acct. and my blog as well. ;< But finally! As promised that (wearing this outfit twice haha!) I will post this no matter how disgusting this is. LOL. <insert O.C-ness XDDD>

Any-who! One thing that I love about this outfit is that obviously my ribs are busting out of my chest (which I only advice to brave skinny guys like me). Lol. It's kinda off to some but I'm considering it as being part of the "modelesque" team kiddin'! I'm just being positive bout how skinny I can look and how I learned to embrace this body type. I think that is the only way to fight insecurities. I chose not to wear this denim shirt the usual way because I felt like it's a common piece that you would see across Lookbook. And as one of my style inspirations discovered in Lookbook Freddie Yong  way back 2009. I took the advantage of sorta imitating with one of his looks "DO THE ROAR" look, adopted to my version. I wore a pants though, because his legs are incomparable. XD This is one of my fave look of him playing on with the colors. I hope you guys like my version too! ;)

What I'm wearing: Denim buttoned-down, Santa Barbara | Neon tank, Push-thru | 
Elephant horn necklace, Anna Gonzales, Blogger's United 3 Bazaar | Belt, WADE |
Washed out Jeans, Top and Bottom, Marke Market | Socks, Bench | Grey Plimsolls, SM Dept store |
Satchel, Parisian |

Right: Beads and camel suede, Thrifted @168 |
Left: White, SM Accessories | Watch, Saizen
Hype this look here

I wish I do have a straw hat here though. But I still love it even without. hihi. Plus say hello to my baby satchel which you will be seeing more often. My old khaki bag should need a rest. It has been all over my looks. LOL. Since it's still raining I'm keeping my bag away from wrinkly because of the cold moist. I'm being a good keeper now ya'll. XD Because I'm learning how to use old newspaper for my bags to avoid deformity. hihi. 

Rain rain go away I need to update my Lookbook! 

Photo credit: Mark Alumno

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pretty Boy Thing

To start of, I'm disclaiming the title. lol. Because I didn't know what to think but all was coming in my mind is being vain and looking like a doll guy. LOL. Oh well this is sort of a review slash recap of what I bought last Saturday with my bffs. Hello to my baby satchel! Which I bought real cheap. Take note, I checked another SM but they don't have it. So must be lucky me! hihi. 

Thank you Parisian for making it possible! lels
I thought I needed the larger one but I find it really bulky on my side so good luck on how will I fit everything here. XD
Say hello to brown brows guys! <3
Which I bought in Etude House!
This is the 1st tool I bought for my eyebrows plus the fact that all I know
is that there are only pencils and no "mascara" for eyebrows. Korea is trusted when it comes to vanity. ;3
Easy as 1,2,3!
British invasion meets Asian cute pastels <3 
I've been blown with this whole kpop scene nowadays but I make sure not to become overboard with my style and at least have my own identity. I really love their lifestyle and their products. One of the thing I love about them especially with the guys is that they are confident bout being vain pertaining to cosmetics. Endorsers like SHINee who are using Etude House lip balms are one of my fave cute example. 

As far as I don't want to explore cosmetics, but looking at my eyebrows gave me an action point where I thought I already need to match it with my hair and everytime I change my hair color. As of now, all I depend on are Korean brands of cosmetics. I'm still resourcing though. My priority now is to buy a new set of clothes. lol. I think my style getting more Uniqlo's simple anc crisp. I love the minimalism too! 
Inspire me guys!

Hopefully I could create a bunch of new looks soon before my LB dies! XD


Monday, July 16, 2012

Post Bday Celebration 誕生日のお祝いを投稿する

Hi guys! It has been so long since I posted a blog! I feel such a loser now. ~_~" But anywho! I'm glad to share with you couple of photos from last saturday! I went out with my bffs (you know who!!!) I treated them as my per my post bday celebration weee!!! I'm considering them as my true best friends who are one text away! XD (Best buddies thru good and bad times.) So I promised to treat them on the 14th. Lol. Gomennasai to the rest. You should come with us more often! XDDD

So that afternoon it was all cloudy so instead of checking out Uniqlo at MOA I opted to go in TriNoma instead presuming that it will gonna rain really bad. Maggie had to come at work so Sha and I went on first. It was so hell of a traffic on the way! I think we took more than hours in the bus! X( Good thing that we were seating and not standing with all that glam! X(  

I needed to buy new clothes because I'm already sick of my set. Plus the fact that I was so broke during my birthday. So I ecstatically seek for inspiring shirts (as we wait for Maggie). My eyes were rolling up on cutie and stuffs. LOL. Anywho! After which we couldn't decide where to eat because Japanese restaurants were so crowded and ended up with Korea's Bon Chon. I haven't tried that yet so I thought it was the right time..

We saw a lot of people from our batch along our way to sky garden. lol 
It was very surprising! XD I bet they were surprised with my hair too. LOL
I bought an eyebrow mascara like impulsively! LOL I fell in love with it right when I knew how to apply it.
I'm falling for these Korean beauty shops. Like I'm already dreaming to be their brand ambassador. LOL XD
Talking about impulsive buying it turned out to be a shopping galore to me! SM was on sale! 
Yey for my shirts! And hello to my new bag! OMG! I've been looking for a cheap satchel! 
Thanks to Parisian! <3 I'm thinking of buying the black one too. hihi 
One thing we are in common = Sweets <3
While I was making myself busy with some accessories they were buying cupcakes WHICH I didn't know that 
they would give me a piece of special birthday mini cake with candle! hihi I was in tears of joy. LOL
We couldn't light it up because it might alarm in the whole SB area. LOL
So we just imagined like I'm blowing it. XD
hoho shopping bags <3
Happy Bday to me! <3

I'm kinda disappointed at one point since I wasn't able to get a look photo though I already wore this outfit twice. LOL. I must post this already! LOL. Now all I can just share with you guys are these blogpost. But! You know that I will make a way to shoot for my looks! You just wait! XD 

Special thanks to my bffs!