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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bum with My Mom

Last weekend I was so effin bum at home doing nothing but eat and sleep. It was hell of a hot day and was drooling for some ice cream. I swear I wanted to go out even by myself just to pacify my mouth from my crave. So when my mom said that she'll be having her hair cut I already decided to get off and went with her. T.T 

I don't usually go out  with my mom now unlike when I was a kid. For some reason I'm kinda uneasy with her choosing my stuffs. I don't know. But I hate it when she's being too clingy with me. LOL. Ironically I am clingy too but I just don't want her being like that with me. HAHA XD Maybe that's just the ways it is and a part of some guys like me with their moms. hihi. Though I'm glad to know that my dad said that one of the things that I inherit from my mom is being a shopaholic. lol. At least I'm sure now that I'm not adopted. lol.
Strawberry Banana
Going back! I'm really not a fan of eating ice cream because I easily get sore throat. One time, when I first tasted DQ, I got sore throat and just couldn't speak for 3 consecutive days! And that time I was still working for BPO. So poor me because it was December (days before Xmas) but then I had to take calls since there were only few of us on the floor and it was queueing. Really terrible days in call center. From then, I'm already declining ice cream on my list of sweets. Aside from Frappes and or Black Forest cake or any cakes.. I don't know what else to float my mind when it's effin hot So how bout you? Do you have story behind your craves?


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