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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mr. Daydreamer

Hi guys I'm back! Did you miss me? lol I feel so sick that I don't have anything to upload for my LB acct. and my blog as well. ;< But finally! As promised that (wearing this outfit twice haha!) I will post this no matter how disgusting this is. LOL. <insert O.C-ness XDDD>

Any-who! One thing that I love about this outfit is that obviously my ribs are busting out of my chest (which I only advice to brave skinny guys like me). Lol. It's kinda off to some but I'm considering it as being part of the "modelesque" team kiddin'! I'm just being positive bout how skinny I can look and how I learned to embrace this body type. I think that is the only way to fight insecurities. I chose not to wear this denim shirt the usual way because I felt like it's a common piece that you would see across Lookbook. And as one of my style inspirations discovered in Lookbook Freddie Yong  way back 2009. I took the advantage of sorta imitating with one of his looks "DO THE ROAR" look, adopted to my version. I wore a pants though, because his legs are incomparable. XD This is one of my fave look of him playing on with the colors. I hope you guys like my version too! ;)

What I'm wearing: Denim buttoned-down, Santa Barbara | Neon tank, Push-thru | 
Elephant horn necklace, Anna Gonzales, Blogger's United 3 Bazaar | Belt, WADE |
Washed out Jeans, Top and Bottom, Marke Market | Socks, Bench | Grey Plimsolls, SM Dept store |
Satchel, Parisian |

Right: Beads and camel suede, Thrifted @168 |
Left: White, SM Accessories | Watch, Saizen
Hype this look here

I wish I do have a straw hat here though. But I still love it even without. hihi. Plus say hello to my baby satchel which you will be seeing more often. My old khaki bag should need a rest. It has been all over my looks. LOL. Since it's still raining I'm keeping my bag away from wrinkly because of the cold moist. I'm being a good keeper now ya'll. XD Because I'm learning how to use old newspaper for my bags to avoid deformity. hihi. 

Rain rain go away I need to update my Lookbook! 

Photo credit: Mark Alumno

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