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Monday, July 30, 2012

Sweet Disposition

This is one of my fave photo set I did for my sister. We all do have good finds at our parents closet. And what me and my sister found were tons of vintage pieces that we styled! So I prompted a shoot with her look as if she's lost in the forest finding her soul and own identity. One thing failed here though, is at the first set of her photos we forgot her belt. lol. That's why some shots doesn't have her black belt. lol. But I think it went great with the vintage effect I found on the net and even blogged about it here 

Photo by yours truly

I hope you guys like this set too! I'm still encouraging her on her looks though. lol. And squeezing in her schedule for my weekly lookbook session. hihi. With that being said, this blog is to introduce ya'll my sister as also my good photographer. As far as I don't wanna praise her but I think she got it all (shutting my mouth as agreement when she claims to have "Brain & Beauty"). You wouldn't wanna see my face when she utters that. Ugh. HAHA! She's one of one of my models that I often use as a subject. haha. Ok I don't wanna prolong praising her. haha. Anyway please do hype her look here!


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