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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Payback Time

Why "Payback Time"?

#1 - It's Pasig Day! Yey for me since I work in Ortigas! So I was free! Payback to Manila day where I went to work though I live in Manila! XD

#2 - It's Maggie's payday! Yey I forced her to pursue this day's errand! XDD

#3 - Time to pay tribute to how consistent the 3 of us of going out w/out any unnecessary and inconsiderable reasons! XDDD

So after 2 days of being so effin bum at home! Because I had no plans and whatsoever. #Boo I just spent the weekend sleeping and day dreaming. Earlier that Pasig Day, my sister took my look photo as reserved which I will be posting soon after this blog (I guess lol)

After preparing what I will wear that day I slept without taking a bath since I woke-up. #Eew I know right! LOL. When I say lazy day, then it's real so lazy me. haha! So I woke up and buzzed the 2 b*tches just to confirm everything. LOL. Of course I brought my cam hopingly that I could catch another look photo at Rob. Since the meeting time was 6pm and that's Maggie's dismissal time too. I was hurrying myself to chill first and or get my look photo courtesy of Sharmaine. But I stumbled this Korean accessories store along my walk to Rob and fondly roamed around very amazed. LOL. Passing through!!! I'm stupid again not to withdraw cash early before I go out that's why I suffered from falling a long line for BDO. To the management of Ayala malls: Please do add more atms for BDO! Not because SM affiliates BDO, then it means you're gonna limit your malls from having convenience for people like me! XD (Like I experience this a lot!)

Anywho! I went on and surprised Maggie inside NBS. haha (Like I also do that a lot) XDDD Meanie.. Because I was already soooo effin hungry that moment, I dragged Maggie to immediately eat at KFC which resides at the very roof top of the mall. LOL WTF. XD And so the photos continue the story....

Ready for cam-whoring? lol
yehey! shoe fest! 
Princess Sha lels
Size 7 pls. XDDD
OMG! I want one! *A*
Durtty shoes X3
the red one!
eek! XD
Finally after Maggie have her own pair of shoes, generously she prompt to treat us at DQ BUT since I'm a brat and I wanted to hve my look photos done the stores went close early. LOL. (I don't know if it's just me or it was already late haha!) So I said the only place to spend the rest of our time is at SB! *No choice because Seattle's is at the top. ;<
Same old same old.. 
her nails! <3
mi earrings! 
Take 1!
ehemm.. it's me! :'D
Take 1!
hurr! hurr!
hhmm?!?! AHA!
mi bag
Me: Hey it's my take 2! You guys must do it too!!! >3<
Maggie: Uki!!! Mooo!!!!!! >3<
Sha: Like dusss? >3< hihi! Moshi moshi Genki! XDDD
I think it's so funny when you and your friends place a straw on your upper lip and cam whore. lol I think it's more safe than planking. XDDD On the other hand please bare with me if I'll do a look photo in the future wearing the same outfit. LOL. I just couldn't help myself feeling cute and all with my pink pants. hihi. I feel so soft and clean! hehe ;D But one thing is sure! That we will go out again on the 14th of July as promised. lels. XD I'm keeping my fingers crossed from now on! hihi

Lord keep me away from stress this week please!!!


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