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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Lil' Bad Boy

Define Sexy?

It's when you pull out all of your skimpy pieces and make a combo out of 'em. Even how simple you are, how classic you look. As long as your confident and much relaxed, you can make a mark because of that confidence that you have. Then you'd say. WHY NOT?!

Now, when someone asked me. What could be my best uniform? Then I thought of the most comfy and sexy (I think) outfit I could wear. Yeah it's that with the leather jacket! I think it's the most classic thing you could wear which just gives you that sexy feeling. lol. Yes it comes with a plain V shirt, but remember the thing about basics? It's essential to have it! Well fitting ones in your closet! *thumbs-up

What I'm wearing: V-neck, Top and Bottom | Leather jacket, SM Dept. | 
Jeans, Top and Bottom | Belt, thrifted @ 168 | Bag, Salvatore Mann |
Boots, Red Skin | Gold connector rings, thrifted @ 168
Unfortunately this bag which I just worn now for LB is decaying. I bought 2 of these.
The other one is in khaki which I use several several times in LB. lol. 
And I'm talking bout when I don't know what to wear. I'd just pull these pieces. And I'm ready to go!
My inspirations? Foreign: James Dean, Pete Wentz, Adam Levine & Carlos Concepcion for local.
My best buddy, my boots <3 He's hot right? Like his owner. lol
Hype this look here
One thing that I love about this jacket is that aside that it's synthetic (positively versatile on sunny days). I can wear it here in the Philippines where thick ones are mostly junks in the closets. hehehe. I often wear it and it easily makes my look effortless. Nowadays I'm fond of wearing tanks and covering it up with it. I think it just has that balance

On the other hand, through time I'm getting more and more meticulous especially with my accessories. Unlike before where I buy cheap plastic/rubber cuffs. Now I'm diverting to suedes with gold/silver accent. Pretty much 'polished' so to speak. But I treat that as an upgrade to my taste in styling. ;) I guess it's what they called "investment". 

Oh and one thing though, I bought my jacket in Kid's section. It's one of the things I can't trade. ;)


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