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Monday, October 31, 2011

Super Troopers

Call of the Wild: This look is one of my faves because I love the combination I did here. Very earthy and neutral. Instead of pairing my plain shirt with a pants I put thrill on it by wearing brown shorts. to have cuts and since my hiking boots is above ankle level, it created a dimension for the whole look. I felt like my shirt is kinda flat and too fitted on me so I wore it with a flattering scarf as with the same palette to fill-up my wide chest and long neck. I never get out of my color palette when building my looks so that I’m sure that I’m on the right track. I always question myself before I go if I look great. Because I don’t go out feeling just less.
OK for the first time in Lookbook there’s a smile on my face lol

It sucks that I forgot my brown 70’s shades to complete the look. Oh well, I’ve been very forgetful these days. I kinda look like a racer here with the scarf.
Thanks to Denise for the suedes on my left hand.

Left: Weaved suede, SM Accessories | Dark weaved suede, from Denise | Owl and Elephant ring, Rock Fudge
Right: All three suedes from Denise | Crucifixbought from Glamp Camp event
My brown bag is overused XD

I maximize all of my clothes even the cheapest shirt that I got. I style them and coming up with just nice outcome. It’s like an achievement to me. As a style savvy I always model thrifty pieces to feed the idea that fashion doesn’t mean branded clothes and expensiveness. 
What I’m wearing: Faux Burberry warmer, 168 | Moss green V-neck,Thrifted | Brown shorts, Fashion House | Hike boots, Red Skin
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