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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Style inspiration:

I found these photos in . Should I say it's so much like my recent look! To give a full relation to what my style with these tanks, will share these pegs!

Pre-Summer: Splash Island

An early pre-summer blog post to you guys! It was such an adventure that 21st ofJanuary. Going to Splash Island was partly forced with my closest officemate. LOL. It was to de-stressed that I was expecting on and before of the day. But unexpectedly coming from that excitement was an experienced of being lost in Laguna reaching Cabuyao because a lot of misunderstanding, out of reaching, dilemmas and etc. Totally the right idiom for my look here, because we expected that it'll be a one happy course to take after all it is just Laguna and some had been there already, definitely "One Swallow Doesn't Make A Summer".
Anyways I'm glad I had Arvie with me or else I'm so alone finding my way to the resort. We decided to stay for a while to fully enjoy the fun. I was afraid to get tanned though. LOL. Scorching hot we roamed Splash and took a lot of pictures all for the love of you my followers! haha! It was indeed such a distressing day of my long weekend! Here is it now!:
It's scorching hot outside
Inside my bag
Provincial trikes
In jeepney, fond of taking my photo in the mirror not thinking that we'll be lost afterwards. LOL.
Finally we're in Splash already! Forced Arvie to take my look photos.
The smile is actually fake because I don't get a good shot from her. LOL.
See her's?
thank u photoshop!
Just so excited to lay our feet on the man-made sand!
with Mariel and Maam Emmy!
Mariel's and Maam Emmy's
Ganda lang!
Sa wakas may pic na kaming 2. LOL
Take 1!
Take 2!
Pogi ko dito! Bet? LOL.
No comment. LOL
Kiddies Part 2
The life! hoho
White out
wet + cute
love the Macao vibe!
jeez need to eat more. hihi!
grr .. one pls!
And for the look, which I was not expecting I will be squeezing one!
What I'm wearing: Sunnies shadesSM Dept. | Tank topMogao | Grey cardigan,Paporma | White shortsUnknown brand, Tutuban | Doll shoesAdvan | Gym bag, Mogao

Hopefully I can travel more and share you guys more look photos in different places! Yeah! That's my resolution now. hihi. 
fingers crossed

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