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Sunday, January 15, 2012

TFC 2012: My 2nd Family

I love this Family. Yes! They're my 2nd family! Since high school they were there thru my ups and downs. The silliest, craziest, poorest, happiest, and so many memories of my life I've shared with them. Now, for those of you who doesn't know the meaning of TFC it means T for "tetchie" which used to mean a man's thing. LOL. F for "fetchie" for the girls and then  C for "company". Pretty silly for you to guys know right! LOL.

I know we are not the perfect friends, not the typical kids on the block, and even the richest of them groups, but we stay the same. Simple, loving thru thick and thin. they know me from inside out. And still accepts me for who I am, what I have. I show the same thing to them as no one will replace what we got by now. We are almost 6 years and more (I think) and counting, I pray for the best in our lives especially in career so we can grow in progress. Side by side we will  celebrate more years to come. It'll be record breaking fo sho'! 


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