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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bum's Rush

After  the escapade, we all had a spare day last monday because it was a long weekend. Some rest themselves from a very tiring vacation. But I chose to go out and meet up my bffs partially to give my pasalubong and to take advantage of that another unwinding day. I went out early after lunch so that I could go home early and have enough rest. I was hoping to have a sunny day to wear one of my fave look "Puppy Love" posted very recent, but I used my straw hat again. With my satchel bag and Brent I was so excited to blog what will happen for that day.  XD
Since I already ate lunch at home before leaving, I waited for them at Seattle's. 
Been longing for this! *drool
Thank you to the one who gave me this enormous lollipop that
I still couldn't eat because it's such a cute tool for shoot!
I tod the guy that my name is Jaye with letter "e" but he heard it Jake. Oh well.. 
my fave! <3
Maggie's dad came from abroad and gave me these sweetums! hihi <3

..and the search is on for some kaartehan in life!
I just can still remember how we fought where to eat because it was holiday and there were a lot of
people in TriNoma. I saved a seat at Sbarro and they wanted to see other pizza places aside from here. 
But when we came back, the seat that I saved has already been taken. So pissed with them. X( 

It was so friggin' hot inside and I just need to mention that! X(
Ok so Maggie was eyeing on this lad in red. K T.T
Again funny scenario of sharing drink with Maggie made it one happy meal. lol
So tired of walking and my body was just aching lol X(
bracelet I gave to Sha
It was really really tiring to get up my a** and went out after my long travel from Boracay. I don't want to be at home and do nothing but sleep and eat. I get bored easily as stated before. I'd like my eyes to be roaming around malls in Manila, talk a lot and be crazy with my friends. We had a lot of chitchats as usual for sure like I couldn't wait to share with them. hihi. 

Plus I wanted to know whether I get tanned after swimming. I just didn't receive convincing answer from them like crazy! lol 8D 

I was planning to have my hair done before going back to work but I didn't have enough time to do it. So I will just share with ya'll soon what happened!