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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Boracay 2012 (Day 1)

The night before our flight to Boracay. I already brought my things at work since I had a project were we didn't know whether it'd be out early or not. So in that case we thought of bringing up our things just in case worst would had to come. I released the project early though, I was really pissed that night because I could have slept more at home than staying at work. So I cried because of stress. And someone came to pacify me with a huge lollipop and my portrait drawn on a paper. I was surprise because that was the first time that I ever received a drawn self portait. 

So I spent the night with all the chitchats and that person. And I felt subside as I went back to my desk happy with gifts. I didn't felt it was already 2AM in the morning then. So I tried to catch a bit of sleep. And woke up really hungry (even if I already ate tons back and forth around fast foods in Ortigas. lol)

<Fast Forward>

We got ourselves prepared for the first flight of my life off to Caticlan. And so I with my sleepy head I just followed my league...

Before I think way back 10 years from now we were called as Giraffes but gladly the name evolved lol.
After lunch we rested for awhile at our respected rooms and prepare for the activities like the ATV ride..
It was the best ride of my life. It made me felt like I'm the ruler of my own path.
The king of the world. I exerted a lot of my stress to fasten my wya to the top. lol Just so thrilling..
After which these scenery caught us up captivated..
Spent the afternoon at the front beach..
We went for a night out in a bar called "EPIC" to maximized our day.. 
So much for our Day 1. I really had a lot of pain from here and there because of those very extreme activities we experienced. lol  But I surely had so much fun!!! <exaggerated mode> Photos are in timeline. So I can exactly remember how everything went with the power of my blog. lol. OMG tons of photos and how could I ever forget and not mention that, until there I was the photographer in the group. lol. KKK. So just wait for my Day 2 escapade peeps! ;D


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