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Thursday, August 9, 2012


This week had been so awful for us. I wasn't able to update my social network because of poor connection due to the very very bad weather. Now you could imagine me blogging really quick from my look last Sunday. Well as far as I don't wanna share how stressful I was this day (thursday) I'd just probably divert to posting my latest look. Thank God there's sun now and I'm at least seeing more good days ahead of me. I'm keeping my fingers to this weekend of mine. I believe I need to destress myself. 

So with my look: I've been having this sort of color set when I look at my pink pants. Then all I remember is Cheyser's look. Yeah you could say that it's sort of a peg that I had in mind. More like male version of it. But don't you just love how to see soft blue and pink clash in one look? I think it's somewhat an epitome of oxymoron. So thinking for my top, I maximized my closet and managed to wear this cheap shirt that I bought. (haha I'll just not mention it's brand) The leopard print is kinda not well printed and just to have some interesting print I used it. Leopards are one of my faves prints, I'd exchange it from plaid ones I guess. haha. I feel defined wearing one as stylish unlike the common plaid which you could always see in the crowd. 

What I'm wearing: Denim vest, Thrifted | Leopard top, Unknown | Pink pants, Thrifted | Hiking boots, Red Skin | Belt, thrifted |
Necklace, Anna Gonzales, Blogger's United 3 | Khaki sling bag, Salvatore Mann |
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Tomorrow is my payday but I need to save really bad for our company outing this coming 18th to 20th. So I don't know whether to come with my fella Lookbookers on Saturday and do some LB. session. :| Because I need to buy a lot of essentials in order to keep my skin as fair as it is and not be burnt out on the beach! huhu OMG I'm so afraid to be so dark! X( Oh and btw I forgot to share with you what happened to one of the shirts that I bought. I'll give a clue: I bought 3 new shirts in replace to one of it because I got it ripped on my way to work. :| That day was one of the worst. I didn't have anyone to blame it with. Hayy.. So I'll share it with you guys soon along with few shots of my shirts! As of now, let us all be safe at our place and enjoy our weekend coming! 


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