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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Boracay 2012 (Day 2)

It was our Day 2 in Boracay and I got my ass up early to take over the restroom. lol. Good thing that despite the hardcore activities from Day 1 I still managed to wake up really early to get myself done up for our island hopping. I splat on a lot of spf's all over my body because I know that it'll be all laid under the scorching heat of the sun: boat ride, island stops, and snorkling.. All those things were in my mind while I was applying tons and tons of lotion. lol. Things that I couldn't forget are spf sunblock, money, shades, phone, Brent (my cam) and a huge ziplock bag for water protection. On the other hand, I was worried bout the lost key of our room which was what we were surprised of the morning me and my room mates had a lil talk before breakfast. It was a huge penalty but I guess the HR had it all in hand. (Just not sure whether by the end of the week it'll be charged on us or what. Fingers crossed) But I diverted the stress on taking my personal blog photos to start up my morning.. Thanks to my buddy for the time..
There were no freakin' signal on the place that's why we were panicking that they might leave us ahead.. We were in station 3.. 
twiggy legs
And so meeting up on the place where we will ride a boat for our hopping, my pocket was in hesitant after the expense of day 1.
But our HR declared it mandatory to come so then I saw everyone in the area. lol.
I was also worried bout my contact lenses that I might lose it after the snorkling because I aint got any case with me.
I just kept on asking if the goggles are tight enough to keep my eyes away from drowning my sight.

It was so hard to take my own photo since I only brought my 50mm prime lens. So some photos were by my phone. XD
I really hate changing the lens of my camera. And since I really love the depth and bluriness of my
prime lens I decided to leave the kit lens at home. lol. I'm glad that my cam phone has high resolution camera enough for emergency shots.
They forced me to lay on the front of our boat to give a bit of a show. Ugh. I just did it when the other batch were out of our sight and so remained semi secret. lol 
I look stupidly crazy. More like the anime One Piece. lol.
The boat couldn't find any place to "park" our boat that's why we decided to do our snorkling
in the middle of no where. Was so excited bec it was my first time! 
Boat stop another island near the Turtle island. I had to pee finally!
Hurrying ourselves to catch up our lunch before 2pm in the afternoon. It was already scorching hot!
We rested after lunch and fell asleep after being fulled. One of my fave part are our buffet meals! Yum! 
The activity after lunch was our ever waited team building. So everyone was called to head our way to the Puka Beach...
the sand was a bit rough than the front beach of Boracay. Just prefect for our tag of war. hehe
The wave was just so strong and huge that I couldn't swim thru the middle. LOL. I was just on the shore rolling myself on the sand. XDDD
While having our free time we did a lil pervertish sand creation. lol 
There the highlight of the afternoon was the team activity Tag of war, water relay and patintero..
We could have done so much if we only started early.. It was one thing everyone couldn't forget!
Hilarious for the word! ;D
Last photo by :Teddy Garcia

Unfortunately my camera got drain that's why I wasn't able to take photos with the other games. hehe. Everyone really had so much fun because our bosses joined the game and it was one hell of a funny unforgettable moment! XDDD

The darkness filled the streets along our way back to La Carmella and so the rain suddenly fell with it. We were all tired and sleepy. Having second thought of going on a night out... I was thinking of fire dance though. But after our dinner I fell asleep really deep that I couldn't remember what I was saying when my room mates were trying to wake me up. lol. And so yes I missed the fire dance that I've been waiting as one of the trip's highlight. X( zZZz

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