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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cyan x Magenta

I couldn't help but post this look because of it's loud bright colors. I love the bright contrasting colors and how it looked so relaxed and casual like on the go. It rained that morning before we left La Carmella de Boracay that's why I had to change my clothes into this look. Well, being not able to come with them that Sunday night was a bit worth it because I wouldn't have anything to wear if I already wore this look that night. And I guess, so much for the straw hat since day 1, but I assure you that it is really one of the reliable tool to keep your hair bonded in proper.  (my favorite now!) X) One thing that I love about the straw hat is that it has holes in it, that's why my hair isn't being cooked and/or pressured inside it. #ThumbsUp 

What I'm wearing: Strawhat, Rebel Gear | Cardigan, Paporma | Shirt, ARTWORK | 
Shorts, Thrifted @168 | Shoes, SM Dept | Bracelets, Thriofted @ 168 & Boracay
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That moment when I was being shot along the isle of La Carmella, my mind just went on so inspired by those Ulzzang that have been my inspiration ever since. And I tell you the good vibes, make me try to smile with my photos now. ;) (That is if you would noticed that I don't really smile at all. lol) On the other hand, going back to work in Manila felt really really fast that I gain enough stress again to miss our Boracay days. Oh well, I still have to close the Boracay escapade posts anyway. Stay tuned guys! I still have a lot of great views to share with ya'll after this post! ;)


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