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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Not So Sunny Day Sunday

It was Sunday and until now the rain won't just stopped. I was asked by my friends to accompany them with their "supposed to be" shoot. But then the client refused to because of the weather. Still we pursued on meeting up in MOA (Mall of Asia)  just to unwind despite the fact that I'm so God Damn broke (until now!). lol. So to keep me my flats dry I used my ever boots instead. I wasn't able to sleep well that morning thinking if it would rain. And it did! So I just set aside my S/S outfits. *God I wish this rain will stop soon! I'm running out of protection since I mostly got S/S looks in my wardrobe. X( 

So being too early again as possible I really felt so sleepy. More like I wanna lay again on my bed while waiting for their cue. I was all done that afternoon. And looking outside just kept me from yawning. To kill it I stood up and headed down stairs. I wore my boots and decided to go out and just take my time on my way to wherever. I was glad to see a new branch of McDonald's along Buendia. So there I stayed for a while.. hhmm.. FOR TOO LONG perhaps! Ugh.. f$#%@ * b.... T.T

and at last! there they are!
I asked if they had a hard time tying their bows! Ugh X(
I kept on eyeing this lad from a far. I told them that he was alone and kept on coming back and forth with his backpack 
ordering tons of meals. lol. His cute but his tattoo was just off to his soft face. hehe
I swear Maggie and I was laughing off of our seats trying to take a shot of him while eating. LOL XD
And as our feet landed to MOA, we headed straight to Uniqlo.  Like we were supposed to a couple of weeks ago. lol
AND before that, a couple of Korean/Jap kids were taking my picture while we were ridin' the escalator. HAHA 
I just didn't know why instead I waved 'hi' to them because I found them too cute shying away after it. hihi
We met up Belle and her family and after a long time we were able to get a photo all together again.
haha It was so friggin' cold outside the mall!
a few art exhibits that we on the ground..
I really miss our photography class during college. Where our photos were so raw and our professor had to put all of it on the board to
choose the best ones. hihi.. It really was my favorite class. ;3
and Thor out of the blue. lol.
I used to play this fella during my good old boring summer days. <3
..talkin about travelling. They told me to get my passport soon because according to them it is just too easy to get one.
But then I'd need to save up for a long time just for travelling. 
..passport holders..
There you can see how scary it was to be close on the bay area. haha! The wave could just surprised you big time. XD
This time I was having a hard time taking my look photos. The strong wind just didn't want to cooperate. 
And my hair? Ugh you'll just unfollow me when you it. lol.
Here's one good ugly example of it! Yuck right? lol XD
And I saw this cute lil' fur ball! I was so fond of taking his pictures and when I looked around they were already gone. haha! 
love you now! <3 :*
Cosy place is where we'd wanted to eat and I long for some juicy chicken and some saucy pasta.
Yum yum! Entering the World of Chicken
This ice tea was the root of our laughs. Why? Because only Maggie ordered for bottomless and I 
just whored it. HAHA! The server told us that it is just good for 1 person only. And so I tripped on emptying it 
while Maggie started bitching up on me for stealing her drink. lol! 
So f#@*ing funny my gahddd!!!! XDDD
snotty b*@$# XDDD
The Iced Tea. Bow. LOL
As promised. I dragged them to i2i and forced them to buy their gift for me. LOL. Bully a**
some blogger standees in Dept store.
and a lotof cam-whoring.. lol
I was looking for an alternative eyebrow mascar/pencil for blonde hair and
I only got to find in Majorlica, but the lady siad it was sold out. X(
We were so vain make-up is already one of the things we can't live without. 
I wanna be Etude House brand ambassador! XDDD
I asked if they still have the SHINee products but it's already sold out. So I tried out their lip gloss. 
And it was so delicious! haha! I looked so natural. That's why I'll buy one soon! X)
Before leaving the malls we never forget to drop by at any petshop/store for Sha's doggy. 
And found this cutie fur ball!!!! 8D
Her name is Bella. hihi sooo cuuute!! 8DDD
She kept on barking and barking on us and doesn't wanan walk even if it's time to go home. hihihi Such a baby! X3

After all the storm, I'm really glad that I was able to go out. I got a way to destress myself just before my vacation. I know that we wouldn't see each other after the cut off because of our company outing on the 18th. And yes they rant on their "pasalubong" already that I couldn't even know how the heck will I budget my money to enjoy those 3 freakin' days. XDDD Just so good luck to me. And for the weather? I really don't know. T.T I'm scared that I may get disappointed if there'll be storm in Bora on our 3 precious day vacation. T.T
Hope not! (fingers crossed)

I'll keep you guys posted!


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