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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Puppy Love

Just before the rain started to pour again. I got to shoot with my weekly look photo. I hope you guys like this look before leaving for an out of town over the weekend. hehe. Despite the busy and stressful week that I'm experiencing right now. There are some "little" things that cheers me up. hihi. And I'm very thankful with the right cue. Though I'm being spontaneous now when it comes to my social love not to mention love as a grown up (I believe hehe!). I'm really happy that I'm still experience a little puppy love that I last experienced when I was in high school. lol. I'm pertaining to not so matured act when your crushy talks to you and and you're over reacting already. lels. Commonly we are attracted to those girls & guys that are popular and as for others, those who are very timid as their type. And it's like one unforgettable moment when they approach you right? lol. You just feel so lucky but with a lil control you wanna keep it tight for him/her to not noticed it. XD.. 

What I'm wearing: Basic shirt, MINT | Fedora, People are People | Suspenders, Muradito |
Pants, Paporma |  Flats, SM Dept store | Satchel, Parisian

Watch, Saizen | Beads, Thrifted | Kitten rings, Bazaar

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I'd like to add how it affects our aura! In someways I convert this kind of feeling into positive energy plus my 'headache remedy' - Mellow, love, medley and the likes♩ ♪ ♫ ♬  (since the weather is kinda bipolar X( ☁☂ ). Maximizing my time to play around with this plain tee. ;) And with this look, I'm kinda portraying a mix of everything that is going on with my life right now. Yes there's still playfulness in it but the young vibe conveys that "Hey I like you but I'm in not in a fuss because I'm still young.." hihi.. ♥(*>ω<) I hope you like this pretty young look! ;)


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