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Sunday, August 26, 2012

I'll Be There In A HeartBeat

I woke up late on the last day of our trip and hurrying myself for breakfast. I still took a bath because I thought that we'll be leaving right after our breakfast. But then everyone went out for their pasalubongso was just perfect for me to buy mine as I wasn't able to go out the night before. I asked my friend to take my look photo for the very last time on the front beach because I had no time to explore it more and with my look. I wanted to have my own version of beach look photo. So I already got every angle in mind. lol. Like a chance! XDD

What I'm wearingStraw hat, Rebel GearShirt, MINT Transparent wayfarer, SM DeptFlipflops, Saizen |

I bought this straw hat before the day of our flight at Robinsons Galleria after looking for some cheap earphones.
I impulsed buy again! (I'm so sinful already X( )
I was looking for a cheap straw hat ever since and I found this one in Rebel Gear.
I thought it was the perfect time to buy this and would complete my look. So there. lol. 
Hype this look here
These shots were just before the rain started to pour. Yes We experienced twice of the rain that the people experienced in Manila. But gladly it wasn't that long. I'm not use to walking around under the rain. lol. But I still continued the search for my pasalubong. I'm really glad that I was able to get a good shot before my short went soaking wet. 

Photo credit: Markcres Alumno


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