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Monday, August 13, 2012

Panic Buying (Not So So..)

Well.. Not really about what's happening to our weather these days.. But with my upcoming outing this coming weekend. :| Once I received my salary I went on the things that I need to pay. And last Saturday I went to my derma to avail essentials that I lacked and will definitely need on our trip. I think I became productive that day on my own. I'm glad though I wasn't  able to come at an invite by my fella lookbookers for a shoot. At least I was able to sigh relieve that I could make up for my weekly look the day after. (Which is still in the process for post process..) 

I requested for a higher dosage of spf expecting a really striking heat of the sun on the beach.
I just don't wanna waste what I spent with my face and body after the outing. X(
as far as I wanna keep my personal regimen from public but I guess a peek of their names won't make a huge deal..
This is what I last bought for my everyday intake of Soya. I only got to see this in the rack. 
And I'm glad it's sort of imported with lower price than the usual Soya I buy. 
Tasting flavors from strawberry and other Soya I remained on choosing choco flavor as it taste like
Moo or other choco milk with lactose. :p
Checking up on it's content, you can see servings of nutrients I just need to at least catch what I lack.
Special mention: Protein 
**Lactose Free Food**
I added what my gfs gave me last time that we met. Because I know I will surely use this. An alternative to my dream Rayban aviator I supposed. lol. Anyways I would bring about 2-3 shades and swim wear since it'll be 3 days and 2 nights. hihi. With regards to my soya session, I think it's nice to at least catch up a source of protein and continue it I guess even after the outing. I'm being more health sensitive now. Since I couldn't just drink weigh protein milks because it needs intense work out (I heard) plus my derma told me acne prone peeps are refrained from drinking such. I'm quite becoming more positive bout being slim and not worrying much about losing weight like my other workmates haha! Peace! I'd focus more on what to bring I guess since there'll be tendency that if ever the client approves the project I'm currently doing really late, then I might have to bring my things early on friday already. hayys. x_x Such BS. X( I'm praying that I could go home early and finish this muthaf** project before friday! <sigh>


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