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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Wild Bloom

I was wearing my denim vest over a white tank top, paired with black shorts and a black doll shoes upon arriving Kaye's house. It was raining then and since the location is an Art Gallery by the intrigued artist Mideo Cruz, the shoot went through. I was pleased to meet Kaye finally and her welcoming family. Special mention her baby Seth sooo cute with his mohawk hair just like his dad's reminded me of Maddox (Angelina's adopted son). She was in Black skulled head dress, off shouldered top, denim shorts with leggings and clogs. Chika here and there, showing our accessories and a bit of styling was the scene where she told me the photos will be for a photo contest by her friend's retail Danah's pick. She showed me bit of her works like the denim blazer and vest D.I.Y. with buttons and as well as her canvas bag. It was all sweet in quirk pieces before my eyes. Then we decided to getaway to start the shoot before her baby noticed. lol.  
I actually didn't know at first that the location is at The Collective (which I wanted to dropped by ever since I've read it on magazines.) Since it was Sunday I roamed around the place (while Kaye is changing) where in dims, graffities and shadowed with all the artistic designs in different sub-cultures. 

I was totally excited to finally shoot in a location made available for our shoot. The gallery is in dim light, posted with Che Guevarra posters, lots of frames, books and vintage cameras. Should I say removing all of these and it will certainly look like a studio. lol. But it was very artistic there. I had to help Kaye with the styling and stuffs before we start. Like any first timers it went a bit rough at first but I guided her with my posing skills. lol. Lots of trial and errors, it was like an acting workshop exploring all sides of the gallery. Good to great shots came along then Kaye's flaws went relaxed and more owning. Will surely have lots of next time with her! Here's the final outcome of what we did:

Sheer floral top, Old Tokador. Pink wide leg pants, Danah's pick. Accessories, Old Tokador. Clog shoes, Danah's pick. 

[Photographed by Zirjaye Santos]

Sunday, December 18, 2011

B comes back!

Another shoot with friend Bea. It's been a long time since she left our work. Been to all over Asia and now she's back! Glad to have a shoot with her. Christmas is coming I'm in need of more client which also means more portfolio! It has been always sexy with her outfits and getting along the way I tried not to evoke such a hoochy vibe with her photos. I want it to be more editorial and presentable. It just sucks that I wasn't able to see her outfits before the shooting day. So I had to bring few of my accessories that helped. 

 I didn't like what her hairstylist did to her hair actually, that's why I had to redo her hair. She kinda have a wide forehead so I told her that I need to redo her hair to cover-up her sides and the shots dictates emotions and edginess with bangs.
 This shot kinda reminds me of J.Lo thingy.. The editing I did here is very San Francisco inspired
Oh! And it was raining the whole day so even if I wanted her to seat on the grass she disgustingly did it! Applause!

Being a photographer means a lot of responsibilities, especially when I'm just myself. I do everything! From styling, the hair, even a bit of make-up of what I know. You just have to make a good outcome and impress them from time to time. The photographers make the adjustments because we are being paid to do the job. To make beauty out of those unexpected things that come during the shooting day. Hence, hearing the client's satisfaction is priceless. A tap on the back for sure.

Styling and photography by: Zirjaye Santos

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Accessorize: Buy 1 Get 1 For Free!

Accessorize puts Merry to your Christmas! From December 16 (today!) to 18, 2011 you can grab a gorgeous accessory and get the other one free!

Thanks to Accessorize now we can complete our shopping's list! Will surely drop by to the nearest branch! Cheers!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lips to Dye for

This is one of my favorite look. Everything is new and everything is well coordinated. I've been thirsty having my own acid washed jeans and now I'm so excited to wear this with the whole prepared pieces. Tried dark hues and never stand out but with bright clean white shirts. The acid effect is already overwhelming that it needs a well fitting simple top to be paired of.
When I was searching for some acid-washed sample photos on the net and I was surprised that mine is Dsquared. Just the exact jeans on the net! And guess what? I got it cheap with one of those Korean shops I've been checkin' to. hehehe.

The shoes I wore here is from Red Skin. My dark one is just not that flattering with this outfit. It needs a rest I think. lol
Quirk quirk quirk poses! Bright red and splashy acid coming from this outfit just catches anyone's attention.
The splash of acid is just so sexy lol XD

What I'm wearing: Specs, Mint | White V-neck, Bob-Zaa (Thailand) | Red stud suedes, 168 | White suedes, WADEAcid-washed jeans, Dsquared (some korean shop) | Hiking boots, Red Skin

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TOPMAN: S/S 2011

Vintage/Retro Logos, Hawaiian Prints and Loud Patterns are the seasons trends. Ooh it just makes me excited! These are my pegs til Summer comes! More cool, rockin',relax looks. And damn I'm glad Topman aters skiny guys like me!

Monday, December 12, 2011

I went out nude!

Not literally c'mon! Went out to buy a player as a reward to myself. I'm not a gadget freak that's why I don't a lot or spend too much for gadgets. Obviously I'm more of a clothes guy.
I wasn't able to relax the day before because I had a shoot with a friend (which I will post soon after editing those.)
It was really rainy outside though I still insisted to wear nude colors not forsaking the mud and all. (I dress depends on my mood.)

I love my new camel bag. It looks like a satchel!
I've been loving wearing nude colors like forever! It sets me apart from the sea of blacks and blues.. A standout that defines how style savvy I am.

 Yep my specs completed this look. Belt is from my sis! ^_^
High tops from Mogao

Black connector ring from Paporma | Right feather connector ring, 168
 *wink* >ω<
  I love the softness and the blending I made here. Well if there's one season I'd love to have here in our country I'd love Spring forever! <3

 Trying to be a geek = FAIL XD
 I'm basing it on images XD
 Ooh Twilight! ~
 SB #zip

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**************** That's it for now! ^ω^v ****************

Sunday, December 11, 2011

I've sinned again!

K. After payday that is Friday.. Since I have no plans at all.. I decided to seek thru the fashion sections/spots in Galleria. I wasn't looking for anything! Just pure curiosity. And BANG! An accessory shop Rebel Gear (Rob Galleria). Went in with indulge and stars in my eyes. lol f*#$ XD

Blazed myself to fit on some necklaces and rings...

After about an hour..

I handed my card to pay 2 necklaces and a volt ring.. GUILTY PLEASURE OK!?

(Well I used it the next day after for a shoot with a client | ex officemate *wink)


8:30 something in the evening on my way home I decided to drop by at National Book store to check the magazine stand and BWALA! Mario Maurer! Saying hello to my face lol. I was like so crazy and excited to grab my copy. Should I say it one of the best covers? And it made my sister's birthday so complete too! XD She was sick but when I handed her the new issue she went like: WAAAAAH!!! Pi Shawn! (As Mario's name in his movie Crazy Thing Called Love).. I was like "K... T.T~ I thought your sick!" lol

Isn't he so gorgeous guys? <3

The charming face = oh so blessed!

Smile = Just makes someone's day complete! ♥(*>ω<)

***Merry Mario Xmas!***

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Movie Review: One Day

With the fast phasing of the generation. Never did LOVE gets old. Many stories and many experiences. Timeless romance are seemingly rare nowadays. In this movie, where once Love is shown not  in the most expected couple. It was valued, made it stronger, and very worth a life-time to be defined. I'm sure that after watching this movie you will get yourself your own movie review. Because for me it's one of the best films I've seen, and is now one of the greatest picks when talking bout romance. 

Two people for two years .. Directed by Lone Scherfig that was adapted for the screen by David Nicholls from his beloved bestselling novel One Day. After a day together  that is July 15 1988 of Emma Morley played by Academy Award nominee Anne Hathaway and Dexter Mayhew played by Jim Sturgess of “Across the Universe” begin a friendship that will last a lifetime. Two opposite characters: She was a working-class girl of principle and ambition who dreams of making the world a better place. While He was a wealthy TV host, a charmer, happy go lucky guy who dreams that the world is his playground. And after two decades their relationship will be experienced every 15th of July of their lives. You can see how they were tested thru ups and downs, friendship and fights, hopes and missed opportunities. For along their journey will make them realized that what they are searching and hoping for has been there for them all along. As way back 1988 was revealed, they come to terms with the nature of love and love itself.

My lesson from this film: There must be no closing doors, and missed opportunities with possibilities of being loved and loving anyone. Life is short, we must open ourselves and believe that there will be someone for us in the future. Yet we must realized that we must value friendship and the people who loves us more and how it's capable of making us stronger thru time. We have opportunities and must take that. The care and importance won't ever be broken upon realizing who are the people who will stand with you for the rest of our lives.. :')

Breaking Dawn x Mercato

Once upon a Friday night again 11.25.11 with my favorite friends (na!) haha! (Guys gimme credits for this! lol) It’s like every freakin’ Friday we’re hunger to go out and be wild! lols Like automatically after out I’ll be seeing these girls for another fab and saucy trip (that is in style ever). I’ve never realized that this will going to have a series! Of course just like the all time favorite epic movie Twilight with it’s last chapter chopped into 2 parts Breaking Dawn.
No plans, no whatsoever after seeing the trailer but it was a BOOM to hit the cinema with these girls. Just like what’s expected. Should I say it keeps getting better? WIN! The movie, style, as well as the effin body clock! Aright! More energy mas happy? WOOOOORK!!!! PARTY!!!! WOOORK!!! GIMIK!!! Agree guys? *wink lols
And so it went. Me and Sha waited for Maggie at Megamall for the movie. As usual Maggie was once again late in every moment of her life. Kiddin’! hahaha! Maggie peace! ;’p LOVE LOVE
Oh btw my peg for this outfit was inspired by charming Edward. Hope I justified the look. lol

This sooooo FAIL! lol

This was actually one of Maggie’s dream.. XD

This is enormous gosh spell it again? lol

Ultra thick ever. Like 2 inches = FULL!

Wasn’t able to buy for me because I forgot to withdraw :’(

hate seeing those cakes! So yummy to look at!

The only SB I’ve known to have drive thru here in the Philippines X)

Cam-whoring at the corner of 7th Ave XD

Love the drop lights! lols

Feels like in Tokyo XD

Bright Lights

More focused. ^_^v

OOhh love SB branch here! So industrial! ggrr ..!


Don’t you just feel the xmas ambiance? <3

Sweet! Cheers! Yummy ..


Ggrrr..! <3


Don’t u just love her shirt! <3 She bought it cheap! Damn wonder guy’s shirt!


love this shot ..







*Another night to remember.. Full of smile… laugh and talk… Must spend this season wisely guys! Let’s always be free spirited and thank God for the blessings! Enjoy and more LOVE LOVE LOVE! Surely have lots of pics with my coming posts.
****Happy Holidays everyone!***