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Monday, November 26, 2012

Nothing But Cute

Last Saturday I was supposed to be just by myself since my friends are out of town and have their own businesses in life goin' on. I was so bummed in the morning and good thing to found out that another close friend of mine didnt come to their company outing. So I told him if he wants to come with me and watch a movie and buy some stuffs. Because I dont wanna rush myself on looking for a gift f or our kris kringle. I want to take time on choosing and be able to be suited for my "monito". 

I arrived really early to roam around and buy my personal stuffs. Since I tweeted about having Saizen in TriNoma. Someone replied that there is. And it's beneath a hardware store somewhere. So luckily I found it out. Only to surprised my self at first making everything worth Php88 than the branch in Robinsons Galleria which is only Php85. It's not really a huge of a deal but I guess that marketing strategy reminded me of some lessons during college that went in my mind like so. hehehe.. I guess maybe the place really matters to where you put up your store and whom to sell it. 

So I got these things in my cart while waiting for him. 

just decided to have this color for a change, yet I dont know what look to use it xD
For my choppy lips
They always have the most durable and lasting toothbrushes I got #thumbsup
Now my new fave socks! <3
And NO its not for me! its for my monito. lol. 

Well the next theme is "Something for private use". I could have bought a boxer shorts but I guess this is funnier! haha! It's a disposable briefs. Which I only found in Saizen. No other place! xD I swear to God I can imagine how the look in their faces when they see this! lol. Well I jut have to share ti with you guys then soon what will happen! xD


Monday, November 19, 2012

Wedding Fuss

A call I got from Maggie, and told me that it's a must to see what I should wear on the wedding. I miss them so much and that was the only time to see them same time that I need to be aware of the event that is soon to come. This will be my first time to walk on the isle for a friend and I'm kinda anxious. Kinda pressure on what to wear.   (´Д`) 

I met Maggie in TriNoma in the afternoon. And she told me that other Bride's maid will be going with us to the taylor's place. T.T An so tha talking went on like infinity.. The theme color is "Tiffany blue", so I laughed hard shouting who the hell is Tiffany?! LOL Sorry for being mean but I think weddings are really exaggerating sometimes especially with colors. Maybe it's really not my thing. lol 

After, we went to SM Fairview (which was my first time) and ate our dinner at Sbarro courtesy of her mom. ;3
Bel was waiting forever at TriNoma since she came late we fetched her first before going to SB.
Feels so Christmas already <3
Chillin' like a villain (not as cute as me lol)
Stressed who?! xD
I did some sketch for the remaining gowns and it's been a long time. I felt very helpful. I was happy to discuss with them how excited I am for the coming days.
Christmas is almost near and there ere a lot of things in my mind. There'll be more time for us and family. Going out of course and shopping.
Hence, I'll surely have more backlogs  too xD

P.S.: I'm still thinking if I should post a look photo of this. Watcha think? x3


P▵r▵chĦuŦế ✈

I promised my friend to get her some photos so she can update her facebook and other social netsites. And since I also needed to post something for my Lookbook account I immediately texted her to come and join me. It was just an ordinary day of chillin' yet one to be remembered because of the funny scenarios that happened. Especially with the wifi thing. hehe 

And so we did my look photos first while there's still Mr Sun, then roamed around to check out new shops opened. My eyes were sparkled when I saw Cha time near the entrance. °゚°。。ヾ( ~▽~)ツ ワーイ♪

What I'm wearing: Polo shirt, ARTWORK | Pants, Paporma | Vintage Sneakers, Converse
Flat pack, F&H | Shades, FLY eyewear
Hype my look here
So I was pissed because attitude of always being late and yes I'm saying it on my blog for her to know how I hate waiting so much. lol
The night is young so we spent our time window shopping and took our time to chill around. 
She kept on saying how she loves me wearing pants because it makes me look so tall rather than wearing shorts.
I dont wear shorts often especially when going to malls and event but their house. She just got use to it. xD
Arvie and my sister Kiana

I'm so fond of my photo editing application in my phone and this is one of the things that keeps me busy nowadays. lol Though I know that I'm sacrificing photography 101 with this laziness. lol. It's just nice to have these things in hand. To snap prompted events in an instant. ;)  So for sure at least even if I upload low resolution photos still I'll share it with you, so just bare with it! haha! 


Sunday, November 4, 2012

。゜°。MINTY (─‿‿─)σ

No fuss, no stress, and certainly such a perfect time to relax and chill has gone by our week. The long weekend has been able to give me privilege to get my back log looks to be done and this is one of those to share! Since my previous blog post tackles about not attending Fashion Week, I chose to chill like a vilain with my sister and have my aged looks done in my nearest location. hihi (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 

So how was your weekend guys? I thought it'd be better to stay at home since weeks before was very stressful to me and I jsut took the chance to be literally like a Prince at home. ( ̄∀ ̄)/
Also, it has been so humid summerish that I experienced a lot of headaches during the mini vacay. X( Well anywhoo! For sure this look of mine is such a contrast to your soaring eyes because of the heat! And one of the coolest. Would you agree? 三( ゚∀゚)フ
What I'm wearing: Shirt, ARTWORK | Pants, Thrifted | Plimsolls, SM Dept | Cropped cap, Dsquared | Robot necklace, Saizen | 
Shirts that I already wore, so what? It's the perfect match for this pants! I love looking the over all look especially when my eyes dance all over the color combination that I created! 
Hype this look here!

And as mentioned I have loads to share with you guys after this blog! So you must tune in! Excited eh? I told you I'm getting back on track! haha! ︵ /( ‿⌓‿ )\