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Monday, November 19, 2012

Wedding Fuss

A call I got from Maggie, and told me that it's a must to see what I should wear on the wedding. I miss them so much and that was the only time to see them same time that I need to be aware of the event that is soon to come. This will be my first time to walk on the isle for a friend and I'm kinda anxious. Kinda pressure on what to wear.   (´Д`) 

I met Maggie in TriNoma in the afternoon. And she told me that other Bride's maid will be going with us to the taylor's place. T.T An so tha talking went on like infinity.. The theme color is "Tiffany blue", so I laughed hard shouting who the hell is Tiffany?! LOL Sorry for being mean but I think weddings are really exaggerating sometimes especially with colors. Maybe it's really not my thing. lol 

After, we went to SM Fairview (which was my first time) and ate our dinner at Sbarro courtesy of her mom. ;3
Bel was waiting forever at TriNoma since she came late we fetched her first before going to SB.
Feels so Christmas already <3
Chillin' like a villain (not as cute as me lol)
Stressed who?! xD
I did some sketch for the remaining gowns and it's been a long time. I felt very helpful. I was happy to discuss with them how excited I am for the coming days.
Christmas is almost near and there ere a lot of things in my mind. There'll be more time for us and family. Going out of course and shopping.
Hence, I'll surely have more backlogs  too xD

P.S.: I'm still thinking if I should post a look photo of this. Watcha think? x3


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