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Monday, September 24, 2012

Where The Magic Lives On..

Finally, the delayed plan for my client and for my blog update. After ages of not posting. hehe. I went on to places but this is the only time that I needed to bring my cam. It was semi business in Enchanted Kingdom with a fellow Lookbooker (I'll keep him unknown until further notice). We were expecting that it will be a very cloudy day for us (more like raining). But before leaving home, it was scorching hot. So Thinking about how playful the location is, ran my paws to this very bright look. I was hoping that it won't rain since I was looking very summer with the look while he was all for the rain in packed with A/W outfits. lol  

The tickets were V.I.P (means ride all you can) but we weren't able to maximized it focusing more on our shoot. 
He kept on shooting with my cam as we sought for a perfect location. He called this slant angle frame as his "alien" shots.
He also dresses for cosplays so as adapting this kind of photography which eventually annoyed me. lol
He so loving it when capturing me in candid photos. XD (Not funny!)
I had an issue with my fly because it kept on opening that's why I got embarrassed in the train when the lady noticed it. lol  
My fave place <3
I really felt like I'm home with the very bright hues around me. hihi!
What I'm wearing: Neon blue tank, Paporma | Green shorts, Paporma | 
White cardigan, Thrifted | Flats, SM Dept | Necklace, Bazaar | Strawhat, Rebel Gear | 
It was so damn hot that I shower sweat the entire day roaming arround and shooting. My tank was draping with sweat
that's why I just decided to have my LB look with this background.
I wasn't able to recognized this hot guy hosted a story tell, and when I began eating I remembered him from 
thereality sow Survivor. Right! JC Tiuuseco
I said to myself that i won't leave E.K. without riding the Perris wheel. 

We lasted the day in Rialto ride. Because he must get home soon after his very personal
conversation with his dad. lol
It was really one of my fave ride! ggrr.. 3D rocks!
All my memories of childhood went on and just reminded me how young I was when I last visited this place. Being here is being positive and being young, gullible about everything happy place, that would really made a mark. I felt so short with the time having only 2 rides but he promised me that we'll come back for another shoot session and we will come really early by that time so we could manage our itinerary.  Oh well, I will keep you guys updated by then! Hoping I could go to places soon enough to share with you. ;)

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