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Sunday, September 2, 2012

British InvAsian

For my last blonde look, I chose to wear this outfit to incorporate my "blondeness" and the British flag shirt that I'm wearing. I really love this shirt! Well I love white shirts to be exact. lol But I've been wanting to have a flag shirt before choosing between Japanese and British ones. It's very remarkable in the sight to see as I believe with every flag symbols as well.

So why "British InvAsian"? Wearing it with my Asian look mix both sides of the world that inspire me. Not only that. Thinking of what country will I travel if I get a chance? Well Aside from Japan, there goes Korea and far to U.K... Paris :) I really admire their cleanliness and the culture. Probably that's why some of us are looking up for these countries as to have enriched in everything. 
What I'm wearing: British flag shirt, Penshoppe | Acid washed jeans, Dsquared |
Hiking boots, Red SkinBelt, thrifted | Sling Bag, Salvatorre Mann | Skull necklace, Rebel Gear | 
Studded bracelet, White suede & rubber band, Thrifted | Watch, Saizen 
I wore my acid washed pants because I think it's the best to compliment those rugged brush strokes effect on my shirt,
plus I'm not moving away from my Asian style of balancing plains from prints. ;)
my ever trusted boots! <3
belt + bag = match!
Hype this look here

It really feels bad that my natural hair grew back on it's true color. Knowing my roots as not white. I mean, there are a lot of things that you wish you were if you have a choice. As well as what you have. It will be a never ending dissatisfactions in life I guess. Well, felling in love with my blonde strands is partly one of my deprived dreams perhaps.

Frustrations: No matter what these are, one thing is for sure. It won't last long and from the very start of wanting it? You just have to exert a lot of effort to maintain it and keep it. With what I had? It was really really worth the while to try new things such as taking the risk of blowing out the people from dark hair to blonde. And now doing the same thing again in reverse. :)

Tune in for my nest blog! Hopefully I get to have a Lookbook session with my new hair. ;)


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