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Thursday, September 6, 2012

I'm No Copycat =>ω<=

So obviously my hair went back to basic dark. Not so black but with a hint of dark choco that is more vivid when hit my sunlight. I decided to have this drastic change in order to conquer my fear of changes. Physically I received compliments that I look better in dark hair and some misses my blonde stands (like I do). I was blonde for about more than 6 months and I already got used to it. I feel bright and clean with my blonde hair but they told me, having dark hair gives more emphasis on the fairness of the person. Well, if what's they think then I'll see for myself. I'm working on it somehow partly because maintaining the blonde adds up as my problem every single month. So here goes my first look photo after going dark..

What I'm wearing: Basic shirt, MINT | Thin scarf, OXYGEN | Pants, Paporma | 
Bag, Dun Hill | Dress Shoes, Mogao |

Hype this look here

I hope you guys still like it. It's really not about the output that I wanted to show but more of the capability of being diverse. Fitting oneself into something you are afraid of, taking risks and still working it out and being confident. As what Tyra Banks once said: "Your hair doesn't wear you, you wear your hair". I hope you guys got something inspiring from these changes that I do. ;)

Keep tuned in! 


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