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Thursday, July 3, 2014

San Jose Builders Campaign

I was invited to San Jose Builders' new brand campaign happened in Chardonney by Astoria in Pasig. They've been providing a wide array of quality homes to every Filipino at a very affordable price. And the event showed the new face of their brand.

The event was filled with different people in the advertising industry which hosted by Wilma Dozen and Rocco Nacino.

Wilma never failed to keep the crowd alive the entire night!

The media had a chance to ask during their presscon which includes a raffle of mac products. 


Lastly a photo mandatory of us, bloggers.

If you say "YES TO SAN JOSE"

Check their facebook page to know more about San Jose Builders:

Monday, April 14, 2014

Tropical State Of Mind

It's so summer! Where are you guys heading? What are you gonna wear? If you ask me, it's very obvious that I'm enjoying summer vibe with florals and tropical shirts which is not only incredibly comfortable but it gives me back to the old preppy vintage that I used to clad.

Let your monochromatic shirts and pants under your closet for the mean time and let's enjoy summer not only by our styles but also with lots of hydrating foods such as fruit which I am fond of eating for my snack these days!  
One piece of advise with your sunnies. You can't never go wrong with the vintages one like this. Perfect not only for summer but also if you feel like looking retro!
Complimenting my look with this cute satchel courtesy of Dream Big Shop!
What I'm wearing: Tropical shirt, PUSH THRU | Pastel pants, Thrifted | Satchel, Dream Big Shop |
Brogues, Milanos | Sunnies, SM Accessories
Dont forget to hype my look here!

Sharing you guys other pegs you can try:
And a few people from Lookbook.
Zara shirts which is just what I want to have. LOL

Summer season just gives more exception to loud pieces of clothes such as florals, tropical prints like what I wore here and of course the colored pants from pastels to neons!
Just remember not only to wear best branded clothes but you also have to wear anything with CONFIDENCE showing that you know what you wear! 


Monday, April 7, 2014

Bother Me Not

If you're a diligent reader of mine then you know that recently I'm into my salad diet. Not because that I have severe sickness of something. But because I found out from several urine tests that I had as per clearance here in the office. Is that I have red blood cells in my urine. So I under went ultrasound as followed and the doctor said I don't have kidney stones.

I popped out the question to the doctor. If I should still b e worried. She said no. I should hydrate and if still bothers me, to clear off my mind then I could undergo CT scan. I heard CT scan is quite expensive even if my Maxicare will cover the procedure. But I haven't visited the nearest hospital for it.

I just don't want to think too much because I really feel good. Aside from the fact that I don't have vices and all. I decided to start eating healthy foods.

 Greens with thousand island dressing
 Mango ice tea with watermelon fruit
Mixed veggies with thousan island dressing
 Fresh mango vinaigrette salad with mango ice tea
And which was recent, tuna salad with balsamic vinaigrette

I browse and grab salad recipes that are easy to do and available in the market. But of course there are ingredients that you won't be able to find so you have to alter some of it.

Not only that it really cleanse you from toxins everyday from fastfoods that we eat. It gives you that vitamins that you need especially to people like me who doesn't take vitamin pills everyday. I know I'm skinny to do these but it's just the right way to clean yourself and know to yourself. As they say 

"Prevention is better than cure."


Saturday, April 5, 2014


If you're getting too lazy in the morning. Having style dilemmas and worn tons of clothes but the weather just won't fit in your look. I suggest:
"Wear the basics"

Basic clothing includes plain shirts like muscle tees, denim pants or if you feel like a bit of sporty alter some sweatpants on. (Which I will be posting soon.)

Talking about basic clothing. I'm considering some of my comfy yet very stylish clothes to some of the guys who still wants to look extra cool. And this is my version.
What could be more comfortable with a pair of sweatpants and cool muscle tee for my top.
 What I'm wearing: Boy London muscle tee, Push Thru
Sweatpants, Oxygen | Snapback, Young & Wild by G Dragon |
Running shoes, New Balance 
You would see me wearing this look with either this huge bag or my backpack carrying a laptop going to coffeeshops. Lol.
Kinda looks hal weird and half anti-social. 

But I dedicate this go Cara Delevingne.
She's my ultimate idol. In fact she has an airport look that  I really love resembling this.

Now why am I showing female styles?
I want to show I could give a male version of these styles particularly wearing sweatpants. 
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It's really challenging to share your version.
At some point in the future after hoarding clothes that would actually hard to style with, you would realized it's one of the bests that you bought.