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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Scratch Proof

This is the most challenging shirts that I styled. Since it has a huge print I wouldn't want to make my look a bit plain. I thought I should need to a tattered black pants for these kinds of shirts.

So altering that i used my fave tattered jeans to keep my look a bit busy and exciting. 

Yeah you could pair it with black pants but for me I find it boring and flat.  So coming off along with the animal print I added textures and layers.  
3D Animal Print, Muradito |
Gold Chunky Chain, The Hype Shop
It was I guess the best print among the sale shirts I impulsively bought.
That denimish shirt I added on my waist looks formal which you couldn't imagine. lol
Comme des Fuckdown Snapback from The Hype Shop
Givenchy Rottweiler bag from Muradito 
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I noticed that I buy tons of shirts and I only get to use it like once or twice. Then my friend told me to try selling some of my preused shirts then maybe I could buy more as replacement. Hhmm..

Hope you like this look though!


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Roc' The Life

I normally grab style inspirations so that I can take a quick look every time I couldn't decide what to wear.
Well it keeps my clothes more diverse and more exciting. 

These days my phone is overwhelmed with tons of Riri's looks which I really adore because many would agree that it's really one of a kind.

Not to mention my ever favorite supermodel Cara Delevingne has also her fair share of "swag".

here's mine.

Snapback, Androgyne Manila
Lion shirt, Push Thru 168
Sweatpants, Oxygen
Sneakers, New Balance
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One tip though with guys who want to wear gold necklace chains to style their dope shirts. 
I suggest them to buy something like JayZ's long ones. So you won't go along with the crowd of lion gold chains. ;)

Also, I think I should buy a new leatherette snapback cos I've been using this for how many times. LOL.


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

✯ ✯ Givenchy Madonna✯ ✯

I bought this Givenchy Madonna inspired shirt the day before I went to Baguio.
Wore it not the usual goth style you see online.

Yellow hoodie, Penshoppe 
Givenchy Madonna shirt, Muradito 
 Comme des Fuckdown Snapback, The Hype Shop
Lifestyle Sneakers, New Balance, Zalora 
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It was a struggle packing up tons of looks and ended up not wearing what you perceived.
The positive side of it is having a lot of options base on your mood.
Negative is getting shoulder and body pains from bringing extra baggage. lol 

And btw I'm into really laidback sporty looks recently. More of sneakers stay tune!


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Baguio 2013

Every year I always find time to have my little vacation in Baguio. It has a part of me that makes me fall in love over and over again. The cold weather, the fresh foods, the ambiance and almost everything seem to be my ideal environment. 

So I thought I had to go there since i had no plans for 2013's christmas vacation.

December 26, 2013 | 10am
We met at the Genesis Pasay bus terminal. 

We arrived late at Starwood Hotel Baguio by 9pm which was supposed to be 4pm as expected.
So we called it a night. A very tiring night for us. 
This was the 3rd time I booked this hotel. It's very clean and affordable compared to others.
They are very accommodating with your needs so you could at least go here without bringing towels, shampoo, and soap. lol 

I already felt the breeze of Baguio that night and was expecting a bit colder.
Until the next morning...
We decided to have a early breakfast at Pancake House beside the gas station residing our hotel.
We had a long list of errands to maximize our 2nd day.
Our first stop Burnham Park

Yes this is the only part of the Philippines where you can wear jacket and sunnies at the same time.
Mandatory shot of strawberry taho (soya)
Then we went up to see the Baguio Cathedral
After a few walks we decided to chill at SM which brought me to buying the camouflage jacket I saw in Manila. hihi
We couldn't decide where to eat lunch so I thought maybe Camp John Hay offers a new dish for us.
Yes that is what you called lunch overload!
Seafood Island at it's finest
We headed to Wright Park and took the traditional Igorot outfit. :p
Exhausting stairs
The Mansion
I'm craving for this!!!
We bought a lot of really cheap finds!!! <3 
I swear it's still hard to find taxi during the night. 
And headed to 50's Diner to have our late dinner. We were so full!!!
The next day we woke up really early to buy our pasalubong at Mines View.

My fave pic of our trip! Super cute Douglas!!!

Til I see you again Baguio! <333