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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Scratch Proof

This is the most challenging shirts that I styled. Since it has a huge print I wouldn't want to make my look a bit plain. I thought I should need to a tattered black pants for these kinds of shirts.

So altering that i used my fave tattered jeans to keep my look a bit busy and exciting. 

Yeah you could pair it with black pants but for me I find it boring and flat.  So coming off along with the animal print I added textures and layers.  
3D Animal Print, Muradito |
Gold Chunky Chain, The Hype Shop
It was I guess the best print among the sale shirts I impulsively bought.
That denimish shirt I added on my waist looks formal which you couldn't imagine. lol
Comme des Fuckdown Snapback from The Hype Shop
Givenchy Rottweiler bag from Muradito 
Hype this look here

I noticed that I buy tons of shirts and I only get to use it like once or twice. Then my friend told me to try selling some of my preused shirts then maybe I could buy more as replacement. Hhmm..

Hope you like this look though!


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