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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Roc' The Life

I normally grab style inspirations so that I can take a quick look every time I couldn't decide what to wear.
Well it keeps my clothes more diverse and more exciting. 

These days my phone is overwhelmed with tons of Riri's looks which I really adore because many would agree that it's really one of a kind.

Not to mention my ever favorite supermodel Cara Delevingne has also her fair share of "swag".

here's mine.

Snapback, Androgyne Manila
Lion shirt, Push Thru 168
Sweatpants, Oxygen
Sneakers, New Balance
Hype this look here

One tip though with guys who want to wear gold necklace chains to style their dope shirts. 
I suggest them to buy something like JayZ's long ones. So you won't go along with the crowd of lion gold chains. ;)

Also, I think I should buy a new leatherette snapback cos I've been using this for how many times. LOL.


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