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Monday, November 26, 2012

Nothing But Cute

Last Saturday I was supposed to be just by myself since my friends are out of town and have their own businesses in life goin' on. I was so bummed in the morning and good thing to found out that another close friend of mine didnt come to their company outing. So I told him if he wants to come with me and watch a movie and buy some stuffs. Because I dont wanna rush myself on looking for a gift f or our kris kringle. I want to take time on choosing and be able to be suited for my "monito". 

I arrived really early to roam around and buy my personal stuffs. Since I tweeted about having Saizen in TriNoma. Someone replied that there is. And it's beneath a hardware store somewhere. So luckily I found it out. Only to surprised my self at first making everything worth Php88 than the branch in Robinsons Galleria which is only Php85. It's not really a huge of a deal but I guess that marketing strategy reminded me of some lessons during college that went in my mind like so. hehehe.. I guess maybe the place really matters to where you put up your store and whom to sell it. 

So I got these things in my cart while waiting for him. 

just decided to have this color for a change, yet I dont know what look to use it xD
For my choppy lips
They always have the most durable and lasting toothbrushes I got #thumbsup
Now my new fave socks! <3
And NO its not for me! its for my monito. lol. 

Well the next theme is "Something for private use". I could have bought a boxer shorts but I guess this is funnier! haha! It's a disposable briefs. Which I only found in Saizen. No other place! xD I swear to God I can imagine how the look in their faces when they see this! lol. Well I jut have to share ti with you guys then soon what will happen! xD



  • December 3, 2012 at 3:00 PM
    Lou terbio says:

    Hi Zirjaye,

    Your blog is great you have good style. I like your photos. Can you share me how you edit them? What action are you using? I am still a newbie photogragher. Thank u in advance!

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