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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Blogger's United 4

Another season for the bloggers to reunite once again. And just so perfect to fit in the most wonderful time of the year.  Accompanied with a new found Lookbooker friend Ian. We went to MOA first to have a lil lookbook session. I was eagerly looking forward to buy new set of accessories that time that's why I marked my calendar right when I knew that there will be another BU4. 

On the other hand, I just remembered that this is the first look having my blonde hair again. I wasted weeks since my sister is so busy with her school having exams. A bit paranoid seeing my natural black hair growing from my roots. So I'm nagging her to give time even for  few hours to have my looks done. Til this day came, and I thank God. 

What I'm wearing: Tee, ARTWORK | Pastel pants, Jewel | Cooling scarf & socks, Saizen |
Sunnies & Flats, SM Accessories
This look just went on according to what makes it look so fresh of course with the same shades. 
And my inspiration to this are the ones in the rural areas of Japan and Korea, only more vibrant and lively. :3
Hype this look here
I must say that I didnt enjoy that much with this season of Blogger's United because the space was so big and there were only few booths there. I just dont know if it was just too late for us when we came. But I wasnt able to see enough and expected people around. Oh well I'm pretty sure that it wont b e the last though. :) See you guys around once again soon! 


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