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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lips to Dye for

This is one of my favorite look. Everything is new and everything is well coordinated. I've been thirsty having my own acid washed jeans and now I'm so excited to wear this with the whole prepared pieces. Tried dark hues and never stand out but with bright clean white shirts. The acid effect is already overwhelming that it needs a well fitting simple top to be paired of.
When I was searching for some acid-washed sample photos on the net and I was surprised that mine is Dsquared. Just the exact jeans on the net! And guess what? I got it cheap with one of those Korean shops I've been checkin' to. hehehe.

The shoes I wore here is from Red Skin. My dark one is just not that flattering with this outfit. It needs a rest I think. lol
Quirk quirk quirk poses! Bright red and splashy acid coming from this outfit just catches anyone's attention.
The splash of acid is just so sexy lol XD

What I'm wearing: Specs, Mint | White V-neck, Bob-Zaa (Thailand) | Red stud suedes, 168 | White suedes, WADEAcid-washed jeans, Dsquared (some korean shop) | Hiking boots, Red Skin

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