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Sunday, December 18, 2011

B comes back!

Another shoot with friend Bea. It's been a long time since she left our work. Been to all over Asia and now she's back! Glad to have a shoot with her. Christmas is coming I'm in need of more client which also means more portfolio! It has been always sexy with her outfits and getting along the way I tried not to evoke such a hoochy vibe with her photos. I want it to be more editorial and presentable. It just sucks that I wasn't able to see her outfits before the shooting day. So I had to bring few of my accessories that helped. 

 I didn't like what her hairstylist did to her hair actually, that's why I had to redo her hair. She kinda have a wide forehead so I told her that I need to redo her hair to cover-up her sides and the shots dictates emotions and edginess with bangs.
 This shot kinda reminds me of J.Lo thingy.. The editing I did here is very San Francisco inspired
Oh! And it was raining the whole day so even if I wanted her to seat on the grass she disgustingly did it! Applause!

Being a photographer means a lot of responsibilities, especially when I'm just myself. I do everything! From styling, the hair, even a bit of make-up of what I know. You just have to make a good outcome and impress them from time to time. The photographers make the adjustments because we are being paid to do the job. To make beauty out of those unexpected things that come during the shooting day. Hence, hearing the client's satisfaction is priceless. A tap on the back for sure.

Styling and photography by: Zirjaye Santos

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