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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Wild Bloom

I was wearing my denim vest over a white tank top, paired with black shorts and a black doll shoes upon arriving Kaye's house. It was raining then and since the location is an Art Gallery by the intrigued artist Mideo Cruz, the shoot went through. I was pleased to meet Kaye finally and her welcoming family. Special mention her baby Seth sooo cute with his mohawk hair just like his dad's reminded me of Maddox (Angelina's adopted son). She was in Black skulled head dress, off shouldered top, denim shorts with leggings and clogs. Chika here and there, showing our accessories and a bit of styling was the scene where she told me the photos will be for a photo contest by her friend's retail Danah's pick. She showed me bit of her works like the denim blazer and vest D.I.Y. with buttons and as well as her canvas bag. It was all sweet in quirk pieces before my eyes. Then we decided to getaway to start the shoot before her baby noticed. lol.  
I actually didn't know at first that the location is at The Collective (which I wanted to dropped by ever since I've read it on magazines.) Since it was Sunday I roamed around the place (while Kaye is changing) where in dims, graffities and shadowed with all the artistic designs in different sub-cultures. 

I was totally excited to finally shoot in a location made available for our shoot. The gallery is in dim light, posted with Che Guevarra posters, lots of frames, books and vintage cameras. Should I say removing all of these and it will certainly look like a studio. lol. But it was very artistic there. I had to help Kaye with the styling and stuffs before we start. Like any first timers it went a bit rough at first but I guided her with my posing skills. lol. Lots of trial and errors, it was like an acting workshop exploring all sides of the gallery. Good to great shots came along then Kaye's flaws went relaxed and more owning. Will surely have lots of next time with her! Here's the final outcome of what we did:

Sheer floral top, Old Tokador. Pink wide leg pants, Danah's pick. Accessories, Old Tokador. Clog shoes, Danah's pick. 

[Photographed by Zirjaye Santos]

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