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Thursday, August 9, 2012

What's The Worst Thing That Could Happen..

One night before leaving work, I asked my officemate if she leaves her jacket at work. Because I don't wanna bring my cardigan every single day. She said yes because it won't be stolen knowing that it resides at ur seat. So then I tried leaving mine on my seat. The following day: What's the worst thing that could happen..

Yeah this is one part of my birthday week. I once rode a jeepney likewise and laid my back on the window. But then all of a sudden along my ride across EspaƱa. The jeepney just hit the break big time and I heard the back of my shirt ripped a huge hole that made my face turned so red. The grills of the window part pulled my cotton shirt having a humiliating hole on my back. Of course I couldn't think of anyone to blame with! Because the driver just had to quickly stopped from some f*cking reason. Good thing was I used my backpack that time even if I don't have cover ups! BUT my rucksack is kinda low-rise so I had to hold a pull to cover the spot on my back all the way to my bus ride. I composed myself trying to think of a way to solve it without the public noticing. I got myself relax and thought of my cardigan at work. So I relieved myself in the bus. 
I didn't think much of the price as a waste because it's just cheap but, I really love the color badly. X(
And I think it really flatters my complexion. I think I couldn't see any well fitting ones like it anymore.
Having the fact that I'm soooo into shades of pastels especially pink and powder blue.
Oh well. In exchanged to that I made myself happy buying 4 shirts instead. lol. I think it somehow made me feel good. XDDD 

So from then on, I'm already aware of what could happen laying my back anywhere especially if I'm wearing my favorite shirt/blazer/jacket on. I don't wanna happen it again and take the risk being so laid back. lol.. So now I still don't know how could I alter the shirt to rewear it again. A little suggestion perhaps? XDD


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