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Monday, January 16, 2012


With my loves again! Sharmaine and Maggie! They're my bestfriends and Sharmaine just went from vacation with her so called ehemm... LOL. Well they're getting there soon enough. LOL Proud her! haha! Thanks for the chocolates girl! Envy you so much! I know you know it. LOL. ;D She gave us chocolates which unfortunately I wasn't able to take a picture. Darn. Because my sister dug it in my bag. LOL. Plus I forgot to bring Brent with me. Sorry guys :'(

Ok. We were supposed to be frugal that day and just chit chat and update one another. But hey! I met them in Landmark and while we were talking we were checking out accessories. LOL. It was like we didn't care to have a glance of each other and all that we cared about is picking our bet. LOL. No wonder we're friends! <3

Funny because we couldn't decide where to stay after eating meal. I had toothache that time so I don't wanna eat sweets while Maggie does. K. LOL. We were like "No to Starbucks"  Just sick of it, plus they already got their planner. Lol We ended up in Coffee Bean. And of course a whole lot of chit-chats! Talking bout make-up specifically about eyebrows yeah! We tested almost all the cosmetics in Landmark on Sha's face! Lol. I <3 us!

 Pls bare with the low res photos. LOL
 Pls bare with my dark circles. LOL
 Maggie and her pixelated face. LOL
 K. I'm trying to make it perfect. OK? Damn it!
 I dont know about this mathematical equations!
 In my ever flaunted chest. XD
 Bitter sweet
Sha Part II

Sha & Magz: Hey guys we forgot to have our pictures in that Japanese photobooth :(

I'll bring Brent na soon! Eastwood next stop! (Hopefully if sched and pocket allows)


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