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Friday, January 13, 2012

A Walk to Remember

I came to visit our lola at Manila Memorial Park. It's reunion to my father's side as well. It's been a while since we're gathered. She was the center of our gathering and now that she's gone, I'm glad that my dad, tito's and tita are still able to meet once in a while. In a family, there would always be issues against each one another, but now all is well in peace and memory of my lola. I was her favorite. Seriously, I am! :)  I miss her! Really..
Looking at them gave me relaxation, that wow I told myself I feel like a kid again listening to their old time lectures and conversations. It was a great feeling. Things changed of course, including physically. lol. And surprises amongst ourselves were seen that day. Bringing Brent (my cam) was in purpose: #1 Family portrait, #2Lookbook.. Ok interchange it Lookbook is #1! lol
It was a hot day that time so the look went summerish. It's quite advance to start the year with a summer outfit. Anyways I love the shorts I got really cheap in one of the Korean owned girl shop. Yes this is a girls' shorts. But I bet I worked it right? hehe! The shirt was totally one of the lucky cheap ones I got after getting thru stores in 168. Believe it or not it was just Php85.00 plus it's made in Thailand! How Lucky am I? ;D I love Thailand now! I have several V-neck shirts made in Thailand and bought it really cheap but with in really cool prints! Now Thailand is one of the places in my list that I wanted to visit to shop for sure! 
I'm inspired to do sepia photos. I got vintage for my pegs and I must say I love the bokeh effect of the trees. 
 [Bokeh - is the blur, or the aesthetic quality of the blur, in out-of-focus areas of an image, or "the way the lens renders out-of-focus points of light."]
I got this photo on the net with GQ watermark. How I love his accessories. Photos by GQ = Really inspired me.
Hype this look here

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