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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fiesting Wet

Last some kind of day (haha) I went with my high school bffs to attend a fiest in Apalit Pampanga. It was the St. Peter's where everyone is wet as there were pouring of water and splashes from everywhere. Got prepared with our gadgets sealed with plastics and spare of extra clothes, it was one hell of a fun wet day! LOL. The province of Apalit Pampanga was never different from the places I went on because of those stares that I got mainly because of my hair. haha! Well that's one part.  Of course we got solve with a lot of food trip and my friends went absolutely crazy as their natural state with liquors. Take note "their liquors" not mine. lol I don't drink, like they have to force me first. XD

kawaii! :3
Kyra and her disgusting frog. LOL
I have nothing to do with these liquor! Simply for the sake of photo blogging! XD
I came outside coming from a nice beauty sleep since I was so full after lunch, 
and suddenly there was already really cold water pouring on me as their so called
"you're not gonna get back to Manila dry!" Ugh K! XD
Hate cigars  eek!
Sorry if I wasn't able to take photos of the parade outside because I didn't wanna take a risk of getting my cam soaking wet. haha! We went thru the parade though, and it's was my first time to take a bath in a crowd on the streets of Apalit. LOL *Epic People were raging wild and wet and I acted as literally a totally foreigner slash alien in that place. LOL.

It was so nice to be with my high school bffs. Guys who know me from head to toe.
Cos' they're my brothers & sisters.

This one will surely be one to reminisce!


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