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Sunday, July 29, 2012


It was raining so hard but I was so lucky to have a quick shoot for my weekly look photos. I was so bored at home since I couldn't go out and do anything because my network was such a failure accessing my social networking sites. My saturday was filled up with a lot of vanity activities at home as I worked out (catching up at least a day in a week of toning), hair treatment bought by my mom to smoothen my blonde hair, and styling my new bought shirts. hihi. I can say that I'm kinda living a more healthy life now because I'm focusing on gaining weight. So I started drinking soya at least one glass a day and along with it are exercises every week.  I believe in the power of soya since research shows that it's one good source of protein. :D 

On the other hand, instead of using a lot of whitening products, I've been thinking if I can drink pills again to make my skin fairer and to fight pimples. It wis like a pill a day over those products I apply on my skin. LOL XD But the risk is at my liver though. Hhmm.. haha! I don't know guys, but most of you thinks that I'm too fair already. Hello lighting and photoshop?! You guys have to realize how high definition cameras can improve your skin along with enough lighting and a bit of photo retouches. I swear I'm not Korean fair! <there goes my claim!>

Btw this is what I wore last PFW but I wasn't able to get a decent look photos because it was all crazy in the crowd then. XD
I'm pimpin' out an old shirt which I bought way back during college.
Gladly I bought a vest (from my local thrift shop) to put some volume and interest. 
My inspiration with this is Ziggy's style. It's like a mixture of sleek and formal fabrics with sporty pieces such as my high tops. 
I agreed up on Ziggy's interest because it looks so contemporary, pizazz but still chic as a whole. More like oxymoron of textures. :)
Being detailed from head to toe
What I'm wearing: Vest, thrifted | White shirt, ARTWORK | D.I.Y. bow necklace |
Custom made pants | Bag, Salvatore Mann | Belt, thrifted @168 | Bracelets & ring, F&H | Socks, thrifted Tommy Hilfiger |
High tops, Travis JAPAN |
My sister is really good at taking my look photos and she's just 17! Beat that! HAHA!
I'm enjoying my new playground in UST, feels like University campus in U.S.!
I don't need to go for other Universities for my location having it so near to my place. hihi.
Hype this look here

Hopefully next weekend the storm is gone but won't be so hot because Maggie is asking if I could accompany them with their shoot in MOA. Along with Sharmaine and Bel. haha So I said I will just come as long as anyone of them will take my look photo! LOL. Conditions! Conditions! XDDD OMG I need to save up for our Boracay trip ya'll! O.O huhu. It kinda feels like during College having small amount of allowance. Tsk. Just so you know I'm sending my sister to College now. O.O  But still I'm glad to survive every week of my social life! lol

KKK.. I hope you guys keep it up on my blog! Til next look guys! <3


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