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Monday, July 16, 2012

Post Bday Celebration 誕生日のお祝いを投稿する

Hi guys! It has been so long since I posted a blog! I feel such a loser now. ~_~" But anywho! I'm glad to share with you couple of photos from last saturday! I went out with my bffs (you know who!!!) I treated them as my per my post bday celebration weee!!! I'm considering them as my true best friends who are one text away! XD (Best buddies thru good and bad times.) So I promised to treat them on the 14th. Lol. Gomennasai to the rest. You should come with us more often! XDDD

So that afternoon it was all cloudy so instead of checking out Uniqlo at MOA I opted to go in TriNoma instead presuming that it will gonna rain really bad. Maggie had to come at work so Sha and I went on first. It was so hell of a traffic on the way! I think we took more than hours in the bus! X( Good thing that we were seating and not standing with all that glam! X(  

I needed to buy new clothes because I'm already sick of my set. Plus the fact that I was so broke during my birthday. So I ecstatically seek for inspiring shirts (as we wait for Maggie). My eyes were rolling up on cutie and stuffs. LOL. Anywho! After which we couldn't decide where to eat because Japanese restaurants were so crowded and ended up with Korea's Bon Chon. I haven't tried that yet so I thought it was the right time..

We saw a lot of people from our batch along our way to sky garden. lol 
It was very surprising! XD I bet they were surprised with my hair too. LOL
I bought an eyebrow mascara like impulsively! LOL I fell in love with it right when I knew how to apply it.
I'm falling for these Korean beauty shops. Like I'm already dreaming to be their brand ambassador. LOL XD
Talking about impulsive buying it turned out to be a shopping galore to me! SM was on sale! 
Yey for my shirts! And hello to my new bag! OMG! I've been looking for a cheap satchel! 
Thanks to Parisian! <3 I'm thinking of buying the black one too. hihi 
One thing we are in common = Sweets <3
While I was making myself busy with some accessories they were buying cupcakes WHICH I didn't know that 
they would give me a piece of special birthday mini cake with candle! hihi I was in tears of joy. LOL
We couldn't light it up because it might alarm in the whole SB area. LOL
So we just imagined like I'm blowing it. XD
hoho shopping bags <3
Happy Bday to me! <3

I'm kinda disappointed at one point since I wasn't able to get a look photo though I already wore this outfit twice. LOL. I must post this already! LOL. Now all I can just share with you guys are these blogpost. But! You know that I will make a way to shoot for my looks! You just wait! XD 

Special thanks to my bffs!


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