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Monday, July 2, 2012

Oh Boy

It's finally the month of July and I just can't believe it! As usual the weather is still unpredictable. But I'm keeping it cool with my cover ups. Like this white cardigan as one of my primer now. hihi. Well I'm kinda weary about staining it so I keep it as clean as possible. hihi. As with my bowtie which I bought very recent in a very cheap price. (Thank God) The idea is to make a statement among the hues of blue (which is the brave part of wearing it because it's very loud.)

What I'm wearing: Polo shirt, Japan | Skinny pants, Paporma | Vintage boat shoes, Sebago |
White cardigan, thrifted @ Tutuban | Bowtie, Muradito, Tutuban | White belt, thrifted |
Watch, Saizen | Beads, thrifted @ 168 | Cat ring, Cosplay Bazaar | Crown ring, Rock Fudge, Market Market 
One thing that I don't like about polo shirts, is that some of the fabrics gets too big as you wash and iron it. And the only way to wear it is putting on a cardigan or a jacket on. Remember: You can always find a way to style yourself! So to avoid disposing your clothes you need to squeeze out that mind with ideas on how to either alter it or add up something to make it more interesting. ;) 
Hype this look here

I think my shoes are being so overrated with it's vintage effect (of being worn-out that it's rusting already. lol). I think before it totally breaks-out I need to find a cheap replacement for this. lol. You know guys, we need the basics in the world and having a brown shoes is one essential to that quote. ;D

P.S.: If you know anyone who sells real cheap ones like mine feel free to PM me.
I swear to God I'm not a very keen with shoes. LOL


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