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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sex And The City

So I'm pretty sure I got your attention with my title huh? lol Well, I'm not fully pertaining to the movie of Sarah Jessica Parker. But partly how it went last wednesday night. Surprisingly, my friend Maggie ecstatically wanted to go out since it was my payday AND because she said she can't go out this coming Saturday. So wth right? lol I have a project until now that the f*cking client still haven't decide which one to choose over 4 different freakin' options we made the day before this. Just so crazy day for me. 

The clock stroke at 6:30pm as the AE and me waited for client's response if we'll going to out the project. Still it took as a cue to smile and be headed with my b friends. lol. Btw we actually fought in a "friendly" way where to see each other. And so everything was pursued.  I was rushing like a ninja under my smooth leatherette jacket. And I arrived 8 something because I went thru  hell riding the MRT-LRT route. (Hate it forever!) I was so bothered that I won't catch anything to buy for myself especially shirts which I need for work. (Because I was running out of tops to wear X( ) Plus Mcdonalds there weren't that good with their service. I had to leave them first to roam around Robinsons. I went back with 3 shirts from Mint. And rushed my meal hoping that my friends might catch any open store but fail. 

Everything was so fast that moment that we can't even decide whether to stay and where. Gladly with a discovered sweet environment of Cafe Breton. We calmed ourselves safe from the streets of Malate. 

Black Forest
White Forest
Strawberry and cream

Please spare the low resolution photos for the sake of sharing at least something for you guys. haha! I had no choice but to use my cam-phone and enjoy the moment talking to them all night long without worrying what time will I reach work tomorrow and how much have I spent that night. It all went on spontaneously with not to mention soooo funny discoveries. lol. I was so satisfied with that and actually felt alive again after days of having a snotty face with everyone here at work because of stress. haha! I just don't know what will happen to me this coming weekend plus the coming days before our company outing in Boracay. Thinking of it turns me black & blue because of the pocket money that I need to save just to fully enjoy those 3 awesome days and 2 nights off the city. So help me God!


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