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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pretty Boy Thing

To start of, I'm disclaiming the title. lol. Because I didn't know what to think but all was coming in my mind is being vain and looking like a doll guy. LOL. Oh well this is sort of a review slash recap of what I bought last Saturday with my bffs. Hello to my baby satchel! Which I bought real cheap. Take note, I checked another SM but they don't have it. So must be lucky me! hihi. 

Thank you Parisian for making it possible! lels
I thought I needed the larger one but I find it really bulky on my side so good luck on how will I fit everything here. XD
Say hello to brown brows guys! <3
Which I bought in Etude House!
This is the 1st tool I bought for my eyebrows plus the fact that all I know
is that there are only pencils and no "mascara" for eyebrows. Korea is trusted when it comes to vanity. ;3
Easy as 1,2,3!
British invasion meets Asian cute pastels <3 
I've been blown with this whole kpop scene nowadays but I make sure not to become overboard with my style and at least have my own identity. I really love their lifestyle and their products. One of the thing I love about them especially with the guys is that they are confident bout being vain pertaining to cosmetics. Endorsers like SHINee who are using Etude House lip balms are one of my fave cute example. 

As far as I don't want to explore cosmetics, but looking at my eyebrows gave me an action point where I thought I already need to match it with my hair and everytime I change my hair color. As of now, all I depend on are Korean brands of cosmetics. I'm still resourcing though. My priority now is to buy a new set of clothes. lol. I think my style getting more Uniqlo's simple anc crisp. I love the minimalism too! 
Inspire me guys!

Hopefully I could create a bunch of new looks soon before my LB dies! XD


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